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(2019-05-29, 14:59)Jeffers24 Wrote:
(2019-05-29, 14:09)Sholander Wrote:
(2019-05-29, 10:18)Jeffers24 Wrote: Can the ODROID N2 be dual boot, between Android and CoreElec?

Yes, you can have Android on eMMC and CoreElec on SD. When SD is inserted it will boot to CoreElec. To boot to Android you have to take the SD card out.    
Good news about being able dual boot capability.

When I dabbled with LibeElec on Android, I was able to use an Android App to boot into LibreElec and when in LibreElec Kodi I was able to set up an option in Kodi  to reboot into Android. Would this still be possible with ODROID N2 Android and CoreElec?   

Sorry for wrong information above. I just tried it but on N2 it works different than on all my other boxes.
If you have CoreElec on SD card and on internal eMMC then it will behave as I have written above, SD card is first boot choice.
But, if you have Android on eMMC and CE on SD then it will (at least at present CE state) always boot to Android on eMMC. In this case to boot to CE on SD card you have to remove eMMC module; not very convenient.
So at present there is no option to reboot to Android from running CoreElec, as you can do on older S905/S912 Android dual boot boxes...
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