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(2019-07-18, 10:12)blizzardreign Wrote: Hi wrxtasy. Hope you can help me out here. I'm using Firestick 4k with Kodi Leia currently. It works great, except for the fact that it can't pass through HD audio, and the 7.1 PCM output the sides and rear are reversed.

Yes known problems. Amazon really needs to be informed about the channel mapping issues.

Quote:I'm looking for a box that can do HD audio pass through, 4k HDR, and possibly auto frame rate and resolution matching. Frok what I've read, the Mecool m8s Pro L can pass through HD audio, but can't do auto frame rate matching? If I'm not wanting auto frame rate switching, is this box a viable option? What else does it lack?

I would not use it for Android Kodi because if you run CoreELEC Kodi Leia from a Class 10 U1 microSDHC card the whole world for 4K HDR Kodi video, HD & LPCM audio will open up. It nearly works for auto everything.....

However the Pro L does Not have Gigabit Ethernet, which really is needed for high bitrate 4K HDR + HD audio - home network streaming.
A USB3 > Gigabit Ethernet adapter would need to be added.

Quote:If I do want Auto framerate, the only other options I have are the Shield and Vero 4k+? I'd rather not have the Shield due to the bad picture quality. Apple TV 4K doesn't do HD audio pass through right?

To do 4K HDR correctly, MaxCLL/FALL HDR infoframe metadata also needs to be passed thru to a HDR display.
The list of devices, some with GigaE that do that is found in this

Apple TV 4K outputs HD audio, as lossless 24bit LPCM or 5.1 DD. The only thing it really misses out on audio wise is Blu-ray Rip quality lossless Atmos audio, because passthru is needed for that. It however will do lossy Netflix Atmos.

The Odroid N2 + a wireless MINIX A2 lite remote makes for a snappy 4K HDR, HD audio - CoreELEC Kodi Leia combo.
Picture quality is excellent. Smile

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