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(2019-07-19, 02:59)wrxtasy Wrote:
(2019-07-19, 00:47)blizzardreign Wrote: Given these, seems like currently the N2 is the only viable solution for me? Does it come with a case as it seems like it's just a board when I check it out? And where is a good place to buy from? Do I require the Minix a2 lite remote as well?
For the N2, you need the board (2GB is plenty), a black case, power supply and then either a Class10 U1 microSDHC or a 8 / 16GB eMMC (& adapter) for the CoreELEC OS. I believe a USB3 Stick can also be used.      

Best to use an eMMC for boot and USB for bulk storage.  The Odroid-N2 provides a u-boot or SPI boot option so it's possible to boot from USB using Petitboot on SPI, but it's a bit involved to set up.  A 16GB eMMC is inexpensive and more than adequate for the base system.  It will provide the least effort to set up.

I bought all the accessories for my 4GB N2 including a power supply, 16GB eMMC, and eMMC writer for about 130 USD shipped.  So price wise the Odroid-N2 is within reason compared to something like the Beelink GT King.  Though any Android box is going to have limitations with CoreELEC where the N2 and other SBCs are fully supported.

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