What to do with "Season -1" issues?
I have a HUGE collection of episode files (mostly anime). Some files have been organized correctly and most have not.

So what do I do now? It's not clear.

- Using OTHER TOOLS (!shame!) I have nuked some punctuation characters I suspect have been problematic but the renaming button still doesn’t do anything.
2015-12-20 20:54:32,589 WARN  [tmmpool-rename-thread-1] o.t.core.tvshow.TvShowRenamer:117 - failed to rename episode 03.11 Mission Poachable (TV show Good Eats) - invalid season/episode number

- Do I need to MANUALLY remove all problematic files (most having been already renamed) and then re-scrape?
- To I just keep MANUALLY hacking at the existing filename until tMM can edit the name on it's own?
- Doesn't tMM have a "Of selected, Remove X chars from left/right" function somewhere?

I hope this explains things well, I'm very frustrated with it's GUI.
well, you could edit/set the correct season inside TMM (if it cannot be detected automatically)
Rename only works, when we have a valid season/episode (for some good reason)

Never done any Anime (so forgive my ignorance), but why can't they be named to something parsable?
03.11 can be basically anything, and solely a dot as delimiter produces many false positives on normal TVShows...
Kodi (and TMM) supports a wide range of patterns (see http://kodi.wiki/view/Naming_video_files/TV_shows#Files)
and even they suggest to use a well known pattern... Anime (wiki) (yes, we do not support all these special patterns yet)

tinyMediaManager - THE media manager of your choice :)
Wanna help translate TMM ?
Thanks Myron. I tested manually setting the season & episode but (because I'm not sure what I'm doing) I somehow got it to re-set back to S -1, E -1?

I stripped the special characters away. Just the rare parentheses here & there now.

Here a smaple of my Season -1 for Gungrave right now (they not in order but I read that was fixed in the next release):
05 - BDFF3CF8 - Millennion
07 - 803307AA - 5 Years Later
09 - A5D12959 - Dispute
11 - 6817EFD5 - Heat

And a few more from Good Eats:
03.04 What's Up Duck
03.02 Mussel Bound
03.01 American Pickle
Good Eats 1214 Pantry Raid X Dark Side Of The Cain
Good Eats 1212 Ginger Rise of the Rhizome


CORRECTION: I figured it out. The "Season/Episode" listing is ACTUALLY the "DVD Season/DVD Episode" listings. Tongue
Once these were manually set (blah), then it could correctly rename and it seems the info was already collected for it during a previous scrapping.

NOW: I see there's no way to easily set these two fields in bulk, lol.
EDIT: ... While I see that "DVD Ordering" is unchecked in the settings, if I select all files and choose "aired order" from the menu, the Season shown is now from the field "Season" and not "DVD Season". So, I can correct the season in bulk.

I think my original question is solved: For any unknown videos (Season -1 files) manually change the Season/Episode or DVDSeason/DVDEpisode for each unknown and tMM will then automatically apply the episode info that was previously scraped (assuming no error was encountered during scrapping).


FINAL SOLUTION :: Temporary, considering no "assigning sequential numbering" exists yet - nor does multi-series editing.)
  1. Double click on a series.
  2. Click on the "Episodes" Tab.
  3. Episodes are listed in file-name order (usually in airing order) so update ONLY the episode number from whatever tMM thought it was. FYI: Start @ the top & press enter twice to move to the next line down (hallelujah!).
  4. Click OK in the FAR bottom-right corner to close the window (I'm not sure if this actually applies the changes or not).
  5. Now open the "Season -1" drop-down for that series.
  6. Assign the Episodes to there respected Seasons by...
    1. selecting a bunch of episodes
    2. r-click on the selection
    3. find and click "BULK EDIT" from the list (it's easier to see if you look for the shortest menu-item)
    4. modify the season value and *CLICK THE CHECK-BOX-BUTTON (?) TO APPLY*
    5. ... and THEN click the "CLOSE" check-box-button.
  7. Now r-click on the series
  8. Select the first item, "Search & Scrape selected TV Shows" & just press "OK" to refresh all data & thumbnails to the seasons/episodes we've defined earlier.
  9. Now to help other scrapers, down the road, identify your episodes, select all episodes in the series
  10. R-Click on the selection & select "Rename/cleanup selected TV show(s)/episode(s)"
  11. Now repeat this for every series...
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