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DrJogalog Offline
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Anyone know how to add a "settings" button to the layout so I can launch he settings on the XBMC device? I cannot find an option anywhere. The keyboard shortcut would be the letter "S" but I don't seem to be abke to add that as an option. Every other option and some, except settings!

-edit - When I say "settings", what I actally mean is "exit screen" which gives the option for settings etc. (as suggested above, the keyboard shortcut is "S").
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Shawzborne Offline
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Hi @stryjek4

Do you have a Test Flight or other iOS testing service beta available for the iPhone/Universal version of the app? If yes please Private Message me so I can help beta test it. I want to help put word in for features and help work out bugs etc.

-3D force touch
-iPhone 7/8 haptic vibration feedback
-Spotlight search like in the iPad version
-More useful widgets (possibly customizable ones)
- Customizable UI colours other than just orange.(iPhone and iPad)

Im sure I will think of some more later

Thank-you very much Dev Team!

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sbfss Offline
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We have just released version 2.0 of THE Remote with iPhone support.

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Noticed that I cannot enable/disable Passthrough through the apps menus like I could in the previous version

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