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WIP Xbox One Skin - Remastered
Seriously, what's going on with this? It should've been release by now! And I mean seriously, if he's going to have the updated UI for that skin at least release it, and he shouldn't be inactive for so long, because I saw a video of that updated UI for this Xbox one skin. And something even weirder is the fact that it has been a few year(s) since that last post and he promised he will release it, but it shouldn't take that long to make a release of the skin!
Sorry guys I left this project and gave up working on Kodi for a while due to working on other things and not being interested in kodi. 

I have just taken it back up again and re created the Xbox One skin from scratch (I lost my old HDD with all the old files).
This new theme is based off the Xperience 1080 theme and is for Kodi Krypton. 

So far I have only had time to work on the dashboard, the games and apps section, and the animations. I have posted a release on the first
page so people can download it and test it out. It's nowhere near finished and a lot sections haven't changed and some of the dashboard buttons don't lead to anything yet, though the
main media buttons do.
thank you for letting us seeing early the unborn another great skin
INTEL: Celeron - UHD 610 | KODI: 18.6
OS: Windows 10 - MIUI 11 | DEVICE: HP Laptop & Redmi 8
The skin looks great so far. Can’t wait to see where it goes.
Welcome back!! Cant wait to see what youve got up your sleeve. Things are looking good but ive added a ton of games and windows apps to my pins and the list goes past the screen and you cant scroll over to see the rest. Lol I was up till 3am just playing with the settings, even went to change the addon xml file in your old skin to kind of force it into K17.6, shows up in skins but does nothing...well I tried.
Thank you guys, have made some updates to this skin and have posted a download link on the first post. 

This update includes:
Fixed some of the issues with the first build (pins, animations, things not working)
I have re designed the games & apps section
Updated some of the animations
Re designed the login screen
Created the guide menu
Your most recent activity will be the main tile on the dashboard, you can click on it to carry on where you left off
Made most of the tiles on the dashboard clickable, they now lead to movie/tv information. Some lead to game videos. (These tiles will be changed in the future)
Added an option in the games & apps section to add your own games without the use of an addon, you add the file, title and poster and it will add it in there. (Only supports up to 10 at the moment, haven't added in an option to edit, only delete them)
(2018-10-04, 16:24)toyota12303 Wrote: [font][font]Obrigado a vocês, fizeram algumas atualizações nesta capa e postaram um link de download no primeiro post. [/font][/font]

[font][font]Esta atualização inclui: [/font][/font]
[font][font]Corrigido alguns dos problemas com a primeira compilação (pins, animações, coisas que não funcionam) [/font][/font]
[font][font]Eu projetei a seção de jogos e aplicativos [/font][/font]
[font][font]Atualizei algumas das animações [/font][/font]
[font][font]Desenvolvi a tela de login Criei [/font][/font]
[font][font]o menu de guia [/font][/font]
[font][font]Sua atividade mais recente ser o principal ladrilho no painel, você pode clicar nele para continuar de onde parou. [/font][/font]
[font][font]Feito a maioria dos blocos no painel clicáveis, eles agora levam a informações de filme / tv. [/font][font]Alguns levam a vídeos de jogos. [/font][font](Essas peças serão alteradas no futuro)[/font][/font]
[font][font]Adicionada uma opção na seção de jogos e aplicativos para adicionar seus próprios jogos sem o uso de um addon, você adiciona o arquivo, o título e o pôster e adiciona-os lá. [/font][font](Só suporta até 10 no momento, não adicionou em uma opção para editar, apenas excluí-los)[/font][/font]
 And the ps4 style theme? will it continue or stop development?
I stopped working on both themes a while ago and lost all of the files. I'm currently remaking the Xbox One skin and don't have the time at the moment to remake the PS4 theme as well. Maybe sometime in the future I will take it back up again.
Another update posted, download link is available on the first post with a video of how it's coming along.

In this update I have:
Fixed a lot of bugs
Updated the content displayed on the dashboard, this is now automatically updated every time you start Kodi
Community section now links to gaming live streams
Mixer spotlight now features gaming channels where you can view gaming videos
Entertainment tab now features recent movies & tv shows, your installed addons
Store tab now features video & audio addons, and automatically updating advertisements
can this be used with leia?
Works very well in Leia. You need to change version number in the addon file from .12 to .13. Some amazing changes since last week!
Thank you! Have just released another small update, link is on the first post. 

In this update I have:
Fixed a few problems
Re made the main settings page
Re made the on screen keyboard
Re made the OSD
Added more colour options
Optimised the dashboard
Optimised the textures
(2018-10-06, 04:36)dgm1960 Wrote: Works very well in Leia. You need to change version number in the addon file from .12 to .13. Some amazing changes since last week!
 How do I do this?

I downloaded the zip extracted the skin and updated the addon file to be version .13
I then created a new zip file containing the skin including the updated file.
When I try to install from zip in kodi 18 beta 3 I get an error message concerning the zip file.

Is there a better way to do this?

Thanks I really like the look of this skin and want to use it!
I dropped the unzipped skin folder into the add-one folder. Then I went to the add-one section and enabled the skin and set it to use. Worked perfectly, even on shield TV, so I tried installing via the zip file and that worked also. Just to be clear, this is the line that needs to be changed: <import addon="xbmc.gui" version="5.13.0" />
Looks good do you have plans to support TV guide and widgets
Tvguide skinned like the one guide would be great
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