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WIP Xbox One Skin - Remastered
how to add your games which are already install in your pc
Hello Thanks for the skin.

But I can not add the posters to My Apps & Games. Only file of game and icon and not poster.

My next question is, can I see at home what I last played plus icon and poster background?
Any plans for Leia support? Would be ideal if actually worked on Xbox One.
You can add in your games either using an add-on like advanced launcher or I've added in an option to add in your games and apps in to the games and apps section. You can add in your games by clicking on redeem in the top bar.
(This method is currently limited to 10 games and 10 apps until I add support for more)
Currently there is only support to add in the game name, icon and executable.

In the next update I will include support for Leila.

I have just released a fairly big update, the download link is available on the first post.

In this update I have:
Re created and added some new sections
Changed and improved some animations
Optimised the dashboard
Changed the focus for all tiles, they all glow now like the Xbox One
Improved the option to add your own custom 10 games and 10 apps in to the games and apps section, when launching then they will also be displayed as recents on the dashboard
Created a new profile section
Created a first time setup
Added wallpapers
Added more customisation options
Option to change dashboard colour background
Improved option to change tile colours
Improved dashboard wallpapers
Added options for instant boot or energy saver, instant boot will instantly boot to the dashboard when opening Kodi, energy saver will start off with a splash screen or boot animation, these are as options in settings / power
Re created the notification bar
Added a welcome message when signing in
I can not download
I have updated the link on the first post, should hopefully be working now
Another update is available on the first post, I've made a video of the new dashboard update with some of the new features.

I have also created some navigation sounds for this skin, these can also be downloaded from the first post.
Great Skin. Come the PS4 Skin ?
does this include leia support?

Thanks a lot toyota12303 Image
Thank you! I stopped working on the PS4 theme a while ago and no longer have any of the theme files. I might take it back up again some time in the future.

I have just released an update and added support for Kodi Leia, download links are on the first post. 

These updates have:
Small fixes and changes,
A new guide menu
Updated content tiles on the dashboard,
A new light theme I'm working on.

(The light theme is nowhere near finished and a lot needs to be done, but there is the button there to enable it if you want to test it before it's ready.)
Just amazing how close this is to the Xbox ui. Thanks again for you efforts!
Can I see on Home the Games from Advanced Emulator Launcher ?
Thank you!! 

You can pin your games to the pins section on the home screen (add to favourites)

I have just released another update for the Leia version!

This update features:

Lots of fixes
Updated mixer and community sections on the dashboard, the mixer features a new design and live game streams from YouTube, the community features a new design and the latest gameplay videos. These get updated every time Kodi is loaded.
Made the Games With Gold block below the pins customisable, you can now add a YouTube channel to feature here. It will display a link to their channel and will display their 4 most recent videos on the dashboard. Edit button is next to the tile. (See video for demo) 
Made some small changes to the tile colours to make them not quite as bright 
Updated store section with daily updating content from Xbox
Changed the content featured on the Entertainment tab
Updated notification bar

A link and a new video is available on the first post.
I have two Question

First Question is I can not the skin Intall in the Leia beta 3.

Second Question is come a PS4 Skin for Kodi ?
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