WIP -  Xbox One Skin - Updated UI
Become the Xbox Skin also a Game Splash Screen ?
Both skins are looking great so far. But im curious, I have alot more games to add and tend to use a handful of windows apps for streaming. Will we be limited to a certain number of games and apps we can redeem? Also, besides the YouTube app that was much needed, will we be able to redeem programs or shortcuts to windows apps under their respective categories( like redeeming my desktop shortcuts for the w10 hulu and netflix apps under video apps and etc)? And ditto on the previous post about splash screens since some games have extra launchers, a fullscreen background image would be nice, since I use a controller often with the xbox app, steam big picture, and ps now itd be nice to be able to press the xbox button(which is set to kodi) and see a splash screen allowing me to hit A to jump back to game or B to go to home so I one wouldnt accidentally open another program or app when the controller switches back. For some reason i could use steam big pic to jump back and forth to kodi 17.1, but Leia causes it to always go back to steam if the program is already open and its confusing. Other than that this is a work of art, sorry about the slight rant.
Love this theme! It's literally the best Xbox One Skin out there right now. IDK if you are planning to do this but are you planning to add the TV Guide for Live TV just like on the Xbox One? Just asking Smile
Looks great. Xbox theme inside of Xbox
Thanks toyota12303  Smile

Have a wonderful Christmas 🕯 and a prosperous New Year.
I have an issue with the skin,whereupon after I do the first time setup,the main menu is blank for no apparent reason,and I don't know if there is a way to fix it.
Just want to say, this looks very nice ... i really need to try this out on my xbox one s ... Keep it up, nice Job!
Hello,I need your help! I installed this skin on my Kodi Leia Rc3 and the skin is not showing the home menu icons,please,what i do to fix that?

Hi, how to set italian language and region? From the kodi menu I set the Italian language but the skin language remains in English. Can someone help me?
This is one of the best skin i never seen!
Go to settings,addons,my addons. Scroll down to where the skins are and enable it
what version of Leia is this for ?
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