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Hey t1m, I owe you a ton for how awesome this plugin has been for my kid and I. I honestly can't begin to say. It's really been a lifesaver. We've been using it for the past 3 years or so.

The plugin has been crashing the last few days, both on my raspberri pi and on this laptop, so I spent some time getting logfiles together and made this account to post.

Here's the pastbin:

Let me know what else I can provide.

Thank you!

So are you looking into it?

For more details, it started failing a couple of weeks ago. I didn't do any update on my Windows Kodi  (17.6, from Dec-10-2017)

I'm connecting via VPN. I can access the videos from just fine
I am looking into this. It looks like the website is still changing. I will release a fixed version once it settles down.
Still not working
Can I assume is no longer supported? ;-(
You can always do your own fix if you can't be patient.
I have been and will be traveling in a part of the world that makes testing fixes for this add-on difficult. There are several changes that need to be made for Passport accounts as well as a new version of the API. Folks just need to be patient.
Sorry.. I didn't mean to be impatient. Just didn't see your answer.
If it's not much to ask, just send an update in a few weeks if you cannot manage. Just so we know if we have to wait or not some more

Your support is much appreciated!
Version 3.0.5 fixes current issues.
A Pull Request has been issued for the repo.
The add-on should update in a few days.
Yes, everything works well now. Thanks for your efforts!
So there's an "always on" live stream of PBS Kids at the website. Would it be possible to add this stream to the app? If not, can someone help me extract the link to the stream so I can make a shortcut to it in Kodi?

I will add the stream in an update.
@learningit I am having an issue where PBS Kids is not launching on my kodi machine anymore.  The debug log is here:

Thanks for any help.
PBS Kids addon, which was working last week, has stopped working altogether.
(2019-05-29, 21:24)Buttonbox Wrote: PBS Kids addon, which was working last week, has stopped working altogether.

I see I'm not the only one.  I took a look at the source code for the addon and the webpage it's loading doesn't contain the list of every show.

It looks like it should be loading which returns a json response with the kind of info it'd need for every show such as the show name, images, the "slug".  The shows are put into 3 tiers

I'm not the best one to change it as I'm not familiar with the kodi addon api or python, and how to get the patch it into whatever repository.
I changed the source to fix the 1st screen of the addon.  Only the 1st screen that shows the list of PBS kids shows was changed.  Tested it a little on Krypton on windows, and Leia on a raspberry pi.

If you're feeling lucky you can try fixing it yourself.
My working version is at [Code link removed by Mod, out of date with current repo version]

You'd install it by renaming and then replacing the installed add-on's python script in your kodi directory Kodi/addons/ 
If you need help finding it, it might be in the addon folder that's one directory up from the userdata folder in this wiki

If anyone looks through the changed code able to add it to the repository, I'm guessing that a few things could be cleaned up.  the old "getAddonMenu" was the only thing using regular expressions and htmlparser and could be removed.  I also added a log function that I stopped using when everything worked.

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