Would like to Help, BUUUUUT.....
For a while now I have played around with various "media center" devices from the XBOX with XBMC to the defunct Logitech Review (still my favorite) to the Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, and even have a 16TB Windows Server 2008 R2 I built running Plex to share out all of my media (yes, a bit overkill Angel). Now, I got a Nexus Player for Christmas from my son who said a friend told him the Nexus would replace EVERY device I have....not quite...lol. Rolleyes Anyway, the one common theme I keep coming across is Kodi. So, as a former programmer, I thought I would give this Kodi thing a go. As I go through the "beginner" pages (add-on development), I come across parts that I think are a little confusing or could use some additional clarification by way of a quick example. My problem is...what if my interpretation is COMPLETELY WRONG...lol. Confused Is there a way to provide suggested inputs/updates to the Wiki pages that someone with more knowledge than me can confirm, validate, etc before it goes into the mainstream?

For example, on the Add-on Development page, with all the pretty icons, I've gone through the first two sections, General and Add-on Types, and came to my first tutorial...Hello World. Within the Hello World tut, I went to the optional Audio-video version of the tutorial and within the description of the tutorial script (section 2), there is a line that reads "First, we get the add-on's process handle from sys.argv[1]"...ummm, I don't recall seeing anything called a "process handle" in the previous sections I've read. Perhaps I'm an idiot and EVERY programmer knows what that means (except me, for certain) but I'm thinking an update as simple as "First, we get the add-on's process handle (or assignment of the process' ID) from sys.argv[1]" BUUUUUT, is my interpretation correct?!?! Huh Is that what this step is doing, assigning an integer value to the addon so that process ID can be referenced later on? Confused

This is the kind of correction/validation I would like someone ELSE to help me with to make sure I'm not updating pages and providing bad information....trust me, I KNOW the ill effects of passing along bad information....lol. Big Grin Anyway, as I walk through all of this online documentation, I'd like to provide some inputs for possible improvements but I've GOT to have another set of eyes to make sure I'm not leading folks astray or misinterpreting things myself.

Sorry this got so long winded, being a system engineer, we like to write. Big Grin

The best way to do it would be to post in the add-on dev forum saying that you want to update the wiki pages, and ask for input on the things you want to replace. The add-on devs are going to to be your best resource for how that documentation should be worded, etc.

I have considered requesting a "wiki" sub-forum, but so far I've found that it is normally best to take the questions directly to the experts and post where they read.

Also, don't worry too much about "messing" things up. On the wiki every revision of the page is recorded and can be restored instantly, so mistakes are never a big deal.
Thanks for the advice Ned. I've just submitted a request for a Wiki account and hope to help editing soon.

Take care.
Ned - apologies for bugging you but I've screwed up and changed the Skin for the Wiki to that XBMC2 and now none of the Wiki pages are loading for me. Can you change my skin to the default/Vector skin so I can get back to the normal skin? I tried sending a PM but I guess I don't have enough rep/credit/positives/posts etc to send you a PM or email.

See if it works now. I've uninstalled those skins since they're not working anyways, and that should put you back into the default Vector skin.
Well damn, I liked the XBMC skin....lol. That one worked, at least from what I saw it did...lol. Thanks for getting me straight.
It would work if MediaWiki was updated, but that update is waiting on the server itself to be migrated over to a new server that has a newer OS. By that time I suspect that kodi.tv will have a new website theme, though. Oh well.

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