Req help need on translating new strings
I used and enjoyed the Kodi Remote so many hours… This is the least I can do Wink
Hi to all community, this is my first entry Blush
I have installed the remote app in my iPhone and it's a fantastic app to control the Kodi remotely, well, I want to make my first contribution to the forum, the Spanish language for the app. I translated to Spanish a lot of applications and plugins for 3D applications (Thea Render, SketchUp, Cinema 4D,...)
One question, how upload the Spanish language file to the forum?
Hi Oxer!

it's a while that I waited someone for the spanish translation! awesome!

you can paste your text for example in if you are not familiar with xcode and github stuff to make a proper pull request, no problem I'll take care for the integration.
Hi @joethefox

Just updated my iOS app and found this forum. Would you like a pt_PT translation for the Remote app?
Can I make a PR on GitHub? iOS7 branch is the latest one?

Best regards
Pedro Mendonça
Hi Pedro,

awesome! yes iOS7 is the latest one. I have prepared the project to support pt_PT ->

Apart the strings, just if you want to do that, there also two images that can be localized, the remote control gesture zone and the quick help images. Here is the link to the PSD sources:

if you want, you can tell me what to write into the images and I will do the images.
Thank you
I'll do it and maybe save the editable -pt PSD in case you want you tweak anything.
I'm already translating the localizable.strings according to Transifex pt_PT Glossary. I'll pull it when done.
I'm translating also Root.strings in Settings.bundle, I need some help here.

What is "Menu reveal toolbar"?
something I would like to remove now that you reminded me. It's an old setting when I've added the sliding menu for backward compatibility with the old menu. Enabling that option will show the menu only when touching the top toolbar and not the entire view. Definitely it will removed, no need to be translated.
Hi @joethefox
I have uploaded the Spanish language to this is the URL:
Please check the translation, if there is something wrong, tell me it.
Spanish localisation done -> Smile

I have forgot to mention in the opening post that there is another short list than can be translated, here the link ->

it is the list of the settings items, when you find the time can you translate also that list? thank you !
Portuguese localization (pt-PT) done ->

After some strings cleanup, I've translated to comply with Kodi glossary in Transifex.

Some testing is needed now, and I might make a few more updates.

Hope everyone enjoy this, now in Portuguese! Smile
The strings of the previous link translated to Spanish language:

"General" = "General";

"Language" = “Idioma”;

"Automatic" = “Automático”;

"Language changes needs app restart" = “El cambio de idioma necesita reinicio de la app";

"Direct Play mode" = “Modo Reproducción Directa";

"Ken Burns effect" = “Efecto Ken Burns";

"Shake to clear playlist" = “Agitar para borrar lista de reproducción”;

"Show jewel cases" = “Mostrar estuches”;

"Remote Control" = “Control Remoto”;

"Gesture remote control" = "Gestos control remoto";

"Vibrate remote control" = “Vibración control remoto”;

"App Settings" = “Ajustes de App”;

"Clear cache on next start" = “Limpiar cache en próximo inicio";

"Enable contents cache" = “Activar caché de contenidos";

"Override Lockscreen" = “Anular Bloqueo de Pantalla“;

"Show all files in filemode" = “Mostrar todos los archivos en modo-archivo”;

"Filemode changes needs app restart" = “Cambios en modo-archivo necesita reinicio de app”;
nice work! Smile
I have translated the .psd files to Spanish language, how can upload to the forum?
nice! if you aren't familiar with github, you can zip them and put them in a free service such as wetransfer, I will include them into the project.

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