Win Creating your first Youtube Add-on
What if I only want the view changed for youtube channels or the youtube plugin only
I have this working for some days now. I am on my second Youtube channel Addon. I have one issue my main Channel jpegs do not show up. Just the thumbnails. In addition is there a way to create a search function or dialog for the loaded. content so that Viewers can search that channels content.
Does anyone know how to create sub-folders from the initial menu, once you open the addon, and then display my content in the subfolder? Any help appreciated
so cool ,, thanks
is there a way to create only of specific playlists of the youtube channel?
im getting failed to install addon error.
can someone help me with my addon? i can't install it to kodi 16
i uploaded it here
@zag, @Misty is there any way that I can have a video quality selector embedded in the code, that it defaults to the highest quality, and then the next in this order. [1080,720,360]
Thanks for such useful tips. I was really struggling with it.
Hi All,

I tried to create my youtube channel addon but failed to run on my android tv box. gave different error all the time. Is there any one who can create one for me for this channel

I will then re-edit it for other channel that I like.

Thanks for you Support.

Thanks for sharing this post,as i was developing this problem for creating my you tube channel to have my first add-on -but really thanks to the buddy which helped me a lot,and must also provide me with some more guidelines about my first add on with you tube.
Did anyone succeed in making it? I haven't :/
Yes, but there is a issue I am seeing with the youtube app. Is there anyway that we can get a script that can remove Youtube plugin from user data, and addon folders. Then prompt you to reinstall. Can this be added in the youtube plugin we create. It would be good to have since users are experiencing errors from youtube plugin such "exceed limt" or "please enter login credentials" these are two of the most annoying issues with the youtube plugin. @zag, @Misty, if you can provide any input on this or a solution that would be great.
Is there anway to add live stream (rtmp://********) on the same video addon ?
@misty01 When I tried submitting an Add-on to the official repository it was rejected because the plugin uses EXEC python command.

Any ideas how to make it better so it doesn't use that?

Apparently its not secure. There is also another comment about getting the that may need to be addressed.

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