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A very promising SoC from Realtek - H.265, [email protected] - everything we need :-)

Realtek RTD1295 specs:

CPU: quad core Cortex A53
GPU: Mali T820 MP3
RAM: DDR3 and DDR4 supported, also LPDDR2/3
ROM: eMMC 5.0 (and NAND)
HDMI: 2.0 (TX/RX)
LAN: Gigabit Ethernet (x2), 11ac Wi-fi

Source/full article:
Realtek's 1186 chip was best put to use by Mede8er I think for their X3D series media players. No Kodi, and Android OS stripped out, but it delivered when it came to excellent 3D MVC and ISO support, HD audio and perfect 23.976. Only forced subs were never supported.

Would be great, assuming RTD1295 delivers, that Mede8er would jump back in w/Kodi and Android support. Just wishing as their firmware support is among the best among manufacturers, even years after product releases.
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Please note that before posting anything to promote or praise Realtek for their new RTD1295 SoC read 204918 (thread)

Realtek's RTD1195 SDK violate the GPL license for Kodi by replacing the internal player with their own closed source "Rtkplayer" player (binary library).

You can read a more detailed discussion why doing what they do is a GPL violation can be found here 252356 (thread)

No evidence that Realtek is doing the same for RTD1295 as they did for RTD1195 but as they not retracted their old SDK I think we can asume they are.
first Realtek RTD1295 device was just announced :
hopefully GPL violation won't be a thing with this SoC, it looks very promising.
Realtek has an uphill climb, especially to compete w/HiSilicon's Hi3798C V200 SoC... but, who knows, maybe it will deliver.
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actually I just got some details from someone that had the chance to play with RTD1295 for a few weeks and it looks like the image quality is on par (if not better) than HiSilicon's - this I've got to see for myself (and I will).
It's not a surprise that RTD1295 can decode 4K 60p (and 10Bit), but it can also decode 4K HEVC with high bitrates - up to 300Mbps!!
That's true for HiSilicon as well... but, good to have choices for next-gen. I assume RTD1295 continues to support MVC?
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Ive seen so many devices with Realtek 1186, the only "winner" was the Mede8er Med100x3D and the final consumer.

First firmware realease setember 2012
Last firmware release (so far) 16 March 2016 Forum Mede8er

Without a good support/company/software this Chipset is useless... (same applies for the other players)

Ps: My med1000X3D is still rock solid even after 4 year of use.
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Agree... Mede8er X3D series are terrific non-Kodi 3D MVC players, supporting both MVC MKV and ISO. I only had two minor complaints: (1) PQ a tad soft, and (2) no forced subs support.
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I can see more devices with this chip. I've known Zidoo x8,x9 devices but what about general support of this chip?
Is it better than s905? With android or LE/OE?
I use a DUNE HD Pro 4K with this chip and its not passtrough audio. No 5.1 just stereo. Please solve this problem. Thank you.
Man this is an old thread... btw Dune, from what I understand, doesn't do Kodi.
Zidoo's X10 uses the same chipset.
Their Z series uses the 1296.

BTW, there is nothing "old" about this topic, current models (not just Zidoo) use this chipset.
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