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Release Kanzi: Amazon Alexa skill for Kodi
yeah i seem to get the same problem if i use docker. it seems to authenticate if you run it via windows
Hi Helmut,
i have exactly the same problem (language german, Fritzbox, AWS, k.o.d.i) and also took the same steps to find a solution. Unfortunately nothing helps. I suspect it is because the app is written for Python 2.7, but with AWS only 3.7/3.9 is possible.
Have you already found a solution?

I refer to this Helmut Smile
Just one question : does Alexa plays specific music video ? Example :"Alexa, plays Sting - Russians"
Hi Udzi,
did you ever get around this problem, does kanzi even work if you can't select python 2.7 on aws?

No, sadly not...i've dropped Kanzi at all Sad
Thanks for getting back to me Udzi, shame the developer doesn't update it, maybe he will.
I've been using this https://kodi-connect.github.io/ on Kodi leia and it's working well and easy to set up ūüĎć
Thanks again.
It is impossible for me to get the authorization token, I always get an Access Denied error in amazon. Has anyone had this error and managed to fix it?
Last time I looked at it I couldn't get it to work if deploying it in docker but did work when running in Windows
(2022-07-19, 21:07)menou Wrote: I tried now docker with linuxserver/kanzi.
but every time i am receiving a bad request by giving it the key.
user: default
on the amazon IAM console its the same name: default
I tried it many times, tried the hidden key, renew the keys, made new user with other names, nothing. bad request. why?


yes I copied the displayed link..... Alexa Skills Kit Tools are added

now iam receiving there only this

I had this same problem, the code is in the URL - you can see it in your screenshot :o

Copy where it says code= up to the &

I just setup Kanzi last night using docker, it's so easy it sets up the skill for you. It's a shame to see this dying/becoming deprecated by lsio, I haven't been able to find anything better.

The kodi-connnect also appears dead, and it relies on someone elses server to send commands to your kodi - no thanks!!
Yes, the code is in the URL !! Ignore the fact that the XML shows "AccessDenied", it still works. Get the code from the URL where it says code=<YOUR CODE IS HERE>&scope Smile
Whoops, sorry - didn't mean to make so many posts..
(2022-09-27, 01:52)adamantium Wrote: Yes, the code is in the URL !! Ignore the fact that the XML shows "AccessDenied", it still works. Get the code from the URL where it says code=<YOUR CODE IS HERE>&scope Smile

Thanks that worked for me but…

I have managed to complete all the steps but it does not work.  On AWS I can't select Python 2.7, and whenever I run a command it says there was an error with my skill...
It's a shame but none of the Alexa Skills for Kodi Matrix seem to work
Since you can't use AWS Lambda's for Kanzi at the moment (or maybe ever unless someone converts the script to py3?), can you use one of the other hosting methods? Heroku, self host with docker, or just self host? I went with self host with docker, you can probably get it to work with a pi even. You only need the python 2.7 lambda if you're attempting to host on AWS, but there are other options.. albeit maybe harder ones to setup
hi, i went the self-hosting through docker way because i'm running Kodi in OSMC on a raspberry pi, but it errors out here:
‚úĖ Update slot values
   → Kodi server configuration settings are wrong. Please double-check kodi.config to make sure it is setup properly.

tried tethering the pi to my phone but it fails to download the source code, even though my phone has working internet.

i've gone through this post but i can't see where i'm failing.

does anyone have a clue what am i doing wrong?

this is my kodi.config:
# Global configuration
# Currently supported languages: en, de, fr, it
language = en

# By default, if you ask to play media without specifying the type, the skill
# will search through the entire library to find a match.
# For example, if you ask, "Alexa, ask Kodi to play ninety nine red balloons,"
# the skill will search library items in the following order to find the song:
#   Movies -> Shows -> Artists -> Songs -> Albums
# If your library is really large, this can take some time to complete.  While
# it will eventually execute, Alexa may report that the skill timed out.  If
# this behavior bothers you, you can disable deep searches.
# When disabled, Alexa will simply provide help in the response directing you
# to issue a play command that includes the media type of the item.
deep_search = yes

# Limit number of items we add to playlists.
# Some requests will cause the skill to create a temporary playlist in Kodi
# before executing your command.  This operation is expensive in Kodi, so we
# provide the option here to limit the number of items added.
# The default is 100 to match Kodi's own 'party mode.'  Higher values will
# make these operations slower, but if your setup can handle it, you're free
# to set this to whatever you like.
# Set to an empty string for unlimited.
playlist_max_items = 

# Search result limits for new (unwatched) Movies and Episodes.
# By default we ask kodi to return a max of 100 results per JSON request.
# Here you can set this figure to optimize the system for you.
# Results are always retrieved in order of newest episodes and movies first.
# Lower figures will produce faster results and limit them to only media that
# you've recently added to the library.
unwatched_shows_max_results     = 100
unwatched_episodes_max_results  = 100
unwatched_movies_max_results    = 100

# Set logging level.  Possible values are:
loglevel = INFO

# Log sensitive or personally identifying information.
# Disabling this prevents the skill from logging the target address for Kodi
# and your device IDs.
# It is enabled by default to make it easy for you to identify your Echo
# devices for mapping to specific instances of Kodi.
logsensitive = yes

# Global Alexa skill configuration
# Set skill_id to enable verification of requests by Flask-Ask.
skill_id = 

# Maximum number of items to generate per slot.
# If the skill is failing to save, you may need to reduce this.  Conversely,
# if Alexa is having problems distinguishing your requests (executing the
# wrong Intent, for instance), you may need to increase this.
slot_items_max = 100

# Default parameters common to all Alexa devices and the web simulator
# The Kodi webserver only supports HTTP, but if you've set up a reverse HTTPS
# proxy you can change this to https.
scheme   = http
address  =
port     = 8080
# If using a reverse proxy you might need to add an extra bit to the url
# before "jsonrpc" (don't use slashes before or after).
subpath  =
username = kodi
password = hehehe

# Caching of Kodi responses.
# Provide an Amazon S3 bucket or a directory name here and provide credentials
# for one of the cache backends below to enable.
cache_bucket =

# Amazon S3 cache backend.
# Provide an AWS user key and key ID here to enable.
s3_cache_aws_access_key_id = 
s3_cache_aws_secret_access_key =

# ownCloud/nextCloud cache backend.
# Provide the base URL for your ownCloud server and a valid user and password
# combination to enable.
owncloud_cache_url =
owncloud_cache_user =
owncloud_cache_password =

# Read timeout -- how long to wait for responses from Kodi before giving up.
# Normally there is no need to change this.
read_timeout = 120

# For some commands, we don't care about the response from Kodi, so we send
# them "fire-and-forget."  If you've got a proxy server in the middle, though,
# it's possible the command might not make it to Kodi before the skill exits.
# If Alexa is telling you she has completed a command but it sometimes does
# not actually execute on Kodi, you may need to increase this.
read_timeout_async = 0.01

# Set shutdown to 'quit' if you'd like "Alexa, tell Kodi to shut down"
# to quit Kodi instead of shutting down the system.
shutdown =

# Your local time zone for responses that include absolute times.
# See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tz...time_zones
# For example, if you are in the Eastern US time zone, you would use:
# timezone = EU/Madrid
# Leave empty if you don't need or want absolute time responses.  An example
# is asking when the currently playing item will end.  If you have this
# defined, it will also tell you the wall-clock time when the item will
# conclude.
timezone =

# Setup MongoDB to handle playing music from Kodi to your Alexa device
# Must accept agreement saying I'm not liable for stolen information
# since your username and password for Kodi will be stored in plaintext
# in a database and will be transferred over the internet to a HTTPS
# proxy server for you to have this functionality.
# mongodb_uri will look like: `mongodb://user:[email protected]:port/database`
# If you're using alternative proxy from Heroku, alt_proxty looks like:
# `https://my-kodi-proxy.herokuapp.com/proxy?file=`

# Override default values by specifying them below for individual devices.
# The usual reason to do this is to associate a given Echo device with a
# particular instance of Kodi in your house, but you can override any of
# the other configuration variables from the DEFAULT section here too.
# Device IDs can be found in the skill server / lambda log.

# living room dot
address = living-room-kodi

# kitchen echo
address = living-room-kodi

# kids room dot
address = kids-room-kodi

# office dot
address = office-kodi

# tap
address = living-room-kodi
this is my docker-compose:
    image: linuxserver/kanzi
    container_name: kanzi
      - PUID=1000
      - PGID=1000
      - TZ=Europe/Madrid
      - INVOCATION_NAME=kodi
      - URL_ENDPOINT=http://server.com/kanzi/
      - /home/osmc/docker/kanzi_config:/config
      - 8000:8000
    restart: unless-stopped
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