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(2017-02-26, 01:42)Borg-101 Wrote: Malthus,

I'm not sure if this is a bug with Kodi or Revolve and there is no error in the logs of this.  Sometimes menus will randomly change views.  I have tried making it happen intentionally but it seems to be random.  I just wanted to make you aware of it.

I've noticed this too, in Revolve and (a long time ago) in other skins too. I don't know if it is a bug or just something that I don't understand. I don't think I can fix this, but I'll watch out for this issue. Thanks for telling me.
Finally here's the first beta release for Kodi Leia! This version has all the necessary changes for Kodi Leia, especially for the Games, and it supports the new Global Search add-on.

This is the first beta release, so parts of this skin might not work properly. I haven't found any fatal errors, but some known issues are:
- It is not possible to navigate from the audio settings button to the color settings button in the video-player
- It is not possible to navigate from the help-button to the controller-type buttons in the controller settings-window.
- The new game settings do not have a proper background.
- The text is missing in the progress bar that can be canceled.
- The MP3-icon is missing in the music visualization information.

The Revolve script isn't updated for Kodi Leia, so you can install version 1.1.2 from the official Kodi repository (but the link is here).

Warning: If you install this beta-release, you might have to update to the next stable release manually (the official Kodi repository doesn't recognize the beta-label and assumes that you're running the latest version).
Warning: This is the first beta-release for Kodi Leia, so you will experience some bugs.

Download the script from GitHub: Revolve script 1.1.2 for Kodi Isengard/Jarvis/Krypton/Leia

Download from GitHub: Revolve 6.0.0~beta1 for Kodi Leia
Love the look and feel of the skin. Just trying to figure out some basic skin settings. 1-How do I select a specific video addon as a shortcut? Either as a main menu item, or a submenu item? 2- How can I set a custom thumbnail or background inside the circle for each item? And also a suggestion... Maybe include the option to select a favorite as a setting when choosing a main menu option or a submenu shortcut. That would at least give us the ability to customize this skin somewhat. So whatever addon or even any section of an addon we want to make a main menu or a submenu we could add to favorites, and then have the option to choose the favorite as a menu item or submenu item. That would allow endless and easy customization.
Hey there,

Is this skin still updated or is it dead? I ask because there are little things missing. Like in the video screen, the info aren't displayed, it's impossible to navigate in the OSD bar. Certainly other things but the skin is just amazing an light.

Thank for your answer.

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