Android M8S box and VPN
I am having problems getting Kodi to work since changing isp and buying a new box.

I've gone over to Virgin Media, 200mb wahoo... but..!! nothing barely works.

At first i thought it was the M8S box as i got this at the same time.

But soon came to found Virgin block everything...!!!

So, i have done lots of research and subscribed for a month to IPVanish.

Because i am using a M8S box there are very little guides getting it to work, i have found there is a Android app, installed it and connected so i assume i am connected over the VPN when i launch the Kodi app? Is there a way of testing i am connected over a VPN via Kodi?

Am i correct in assuming that if i set up the vpn within a app from the play store Kodi will use this connection or does the app close as Kodi is running and affectively connecting without the VPN.

If is connecting over the VPN is there anything i need to do in Kodi itself? as i see some guides talk about downloading Kodi VPN clients but this is mainly for PC users.

Alternatively is there a guide for IPVanish, Android and Kodi?

Done lots of searching can't find much.
(2016-01-11, 00:45)jaffaz32 Wrote: nothing barely works.

So so if nothing barely works, does that mean everything mostly works?

(2016-01-11, 00:45)jaffaz32 Wrote: But soon came to found Virgin block everything...!!!

If Virgin is blocking whatever it is you are trying to watch, then perhaps that content is illegal. If you are trying to access pirated content you aren't going to have any luck getting help here.

As for the rest of your post, getting a VPN to work on an Android box isn't exactly within the scope of this forum.
haha yeah in terms of kodi mostly works.

Virgin are a pain! the internet is crazy fast but something like online gaming i'm lagging all over the place.

Even putting my xbox on the DMZ or opening ports doesn't really help. They have something going on.

I have put my wireless router in modem only mode and hooked up a Netgear R7500 nighthawk. Things got a little better.

Turned off all Virgin filtering via my online control panel, little better again.

Next step VPN, I wasn't really sure where to post this question. It's kinda border line Android/Kodi.

Just wondering if Kodi would pick up the VPN that i am using in the Android box and how i could test it in Kodi, for example change of ip etc but surely all i would see is the internal on my network and not my external ip?
My friends and family boxs all have problems with virgin media switched of websafe antivirus formatted firestick installed kodi but it runs very slow even tho speed tests over 100mbs in my house i got sky and works fine am i missing something wrked before but now virgin are upto something another thing is my friend only gets like about 5 links showing up for movies also but should be much more
What you should probably do is read the piracy policy (wiki)

And as we don't support VPNs here, this whole thread is entirely off topic
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(2018-03-07, 00:09)MOTOR77 Wrote: am i missing something

IPVanish is awesome.
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