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Context Sync Offline is a glorified copypaste context menu add-on used in conjunction with Sync Offline a video plugin to view the copied/offline media.

A context menu item is added to the library view for episodes/movies: Sync Offline. Selecting [Sync Offline] will initiate a 1:1 copy in the background from the location of the file to the add-on data folder for Sync Offline; and Sync Offline will also attempt to save episode/movie information for the file.

What this add-on should be able to do while using the video plugin:
  • display a list of files being copied with % completed
  • display a list of offline content in TV/Movies
  • initiate playback of offline content
  • display media information via context menu
  • delete local copy via context menu
What this add-on will not do:
  • check available free space before initiating a copy
  • transcode video for optimal playback on device
  • allow user to cancel a copy in progress
  • sync watched status to video library
  • list tv episodes in subfolders
  • etc.
Possible todo:
  • some of the above
  • copy show(s)/season(s)
  • clean up code
  • etc.
NOTICE: This add-on is a work in progress and is in alpha. It may or may not work as expected and/or possibly break things.


TV episode list image preview.
thanks for pointing me to your add-on, I will give it a try Smile
Would you mind updating the download links for this plugin? They're both 404s. Thanks!
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