Release - OS Updater (Linux)

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This is my first (probably only) add-on for Kodi, hopefully it will be of some use to people! (Also my first post)

This addon allows the user to update Linux Operating Systems from the Kodi interface!
Currently supported OS's are:
Debian based systems
Arch based systems
RedHat based systems.
Specifically the Apt, Pacman, Yaourt, and Dnf based commands.

If you are using a remote app to control Kodi (Kore, Yatse, etc) you will be sending your password to Kodi in clear text! Make sure the network you are using this app on is secure! I am unaware of anyway I can fix this. But I will continue to look into it.

Link to github:
This my first "real" Python program and my first experience with GitHub so hopefully everything is setup correctly and my code is some what good.
I do plan making updates and improvements over time so the add-on will get better!
There are a lot of improvements to be made but it works pretty well.

Please comment below if you like it, want to criticize it, help support it, etc Rofl Big Grin
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