Music New Features/Improvements Request Summary
I want to use this thread as a summary of new features and improvements requested for Kodi as a music player. I hope that someone will help me gather all the previous request and wishlists into one master summary rather than the current jumble. It is no guarrantee that features will be implemented, but it would be a good first step to have one list to work from.

It also could be deeply depressing or overwhelming, so please be polite. It is not my fault or anyone elses come to that, that your essential feature has been waiting over 10 years to happen. But I am genuiniely interested in user requirements, and believe this is worthwhile.

It would also be great to mark off when things are completed, or at least indicate when they are being worked on. Progress happens, just slowly sometimes.

So how do we do this? I would love a "music corner" - a forum dedicated to the support, development, requests and feedback on all things music, but in this thread we will stick to feature requests. I'm going to reserve the first few posts, but then please add feature summaries below for me to bring up to the top list. Feel free to collect things mentioned before (they are scattered all over so everyone can help), but do try not to repeat things already listed.

I will edit the top few post as we go along.

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