Music New Features/Improvements Request Summary
(2016-01-24, 17:57)DaveBlake Wrote:
(2016-01-24, 16:46)psysfaction Wrote: The quality Tag would be nice in the library since I have some albums from the same artist in different qualities

On second thoughts quality is a property of the file rather than a meta-data tag. But that doesn't rule it out, as we store duration in the library and the file timestamp too (called "dateadded", but it isn't the scanning date as one may have thought), both file properties.

But for what you want we would also need to use quality to uniquely identify songs.... How do you identify them currently? Are all the lower quality files in a specific folder?

Just thinking aloud really, always facinating to know what others have as their music collections, and would like to do with it.

Right now I am keeping all my mp3 music in a separate folder.
Then all losses music I have in a folder called "Music HD" there I have more subfolders for "24-bit" and "DSD" for music that has higher quality then CD.
Right now that all works since my collection is not too big yet but I am planing to start ripping my old CD collection in Flac next time i am in my home country again and then I'll suddenly have much bigger collection and it could start to become a hassle to navigate.

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