Music New Features/Improvements Request Summary
(2016-03-05, 14:06)black_eagle Wrote: Since forever, Kodi has had a switch to turn off showing artists that only appear on compilation albums - in my view this is a "good thing" as otherwise the artist list, which is my goto method for finding an album or track, is horribly cluttered and enormous.

The thing is, when Kodi scans in a compilation album, it fetches artist info for all of these compilation artists, and if you have a lot of compilation albums (like I do) it takes hours.

Would it be possible therefore to either add an option to NOT scrape artist data for compilation albums, or just not scrape it if "Show artists who only appear on compilations" is turned off ? If there is an artist that a user wants details on, this can still be obtained via the context menu "Artist Information" and then hitting "reload".

The Include artists that only appear on compilations" setting is really badly named and described, and I hope in due course will get renamed. Something like "Show album artists nly" would be more accurate and meaningful. Compilations/anthologies and how they are defined and processed is a separate matter. What Kodi actually has is album artists and song artists. It takes album artist from the ALBUMARTIST/TPE2 tag, or if that is missing and all the tracks from an album have the same artists in ARTIST/TPE1 makes them album artists. Song artists are all the artists including those featured on just one song from an album.

If I may rephrase your request Black_eagle, it would be to say that scraping song artist information when you have show album artists only enabled is a waste if time. Also why batter the servers for artist info that you never want to see, I totally agree.

Better control on what gets scraped and when is definintely on my improvements list.

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