Music New Features/Improvements Request Summary
(2016-03-05, 15:27)jjd-uk Wrote: If we go the way of making music scraping more like videos then you'll be able to exclude a folder from scraping, so you could have a compilation folder containing all those albums and set to local data only.

Even now scraper settings can be applied to a music source, just likely that most people only have one source rather than folders at a time. So yes one could put all compilation albums in a folder and set scraper to local. But because songs and albums can have more than one artist, the relationship between artist and folder can be complicated. Unlike video it is the library list of artists (and albums) that is scraped not the folders and music files themselves. Each artist could have come from music files located on different paths e.g. artist1 is on a compilation album, featured on songs from an album by artist2 and has a number of albums in a different folder in an artist/album/track hierarchy. Do we scrape, and what folder scraper settings to use?

But that was not what Black_eagle was aking for. It is not compilations that are the issue, but song artists compared to album artists, and they are not folder based. In an album by artist1 we can have a track with artist2 and artist3, we may also have albums by artist2 but none by artist3. We want to be able to automatically scrape artist1 and artist2, but not bother with artist3.

I do wish we could move on to correcting the mis-naming in settings, there is much confusion about how compilations are handled and what settings do. Hope your settings refactoring gets merged soon jjd_uk, and you can get into the next phase Smile

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