Music New Features/Improvements Request Summary
(2016-03-27, 23:54)antisuck Wrote: This seems like a good place to repost my music-related request of a few years back, thanks for the thread Dave.

Music PartyMode has some awesome potential to behave as an interactive jukebox, mostly because of one behavior: if one starts up PartyMode and then manually browses and adds additional tracks to the queue, the new tracks get bumped up the list and begin playing as soon as the current track is finished. Then when any manually added tracks are finished, random playback resumes. Perfect. It's a jukebox that never stops playing, and human requests gets priority.

The problem is, PartyMode doesn't respect the setting "Queue songs on selection". If one browses to find a new track and simply clicks or presses "enter" or the default button on a remote, the new song starts playing immediately, abruptly cutting off whatever was playing before. No good. Guests must be taught about context menus and the letter q or whatever is available on the remote, it's awkward and not fun and prone to mistakes.

Honestly it feels like a bug, but the devs who happened across my trac item a few years ago disagreed, or couldn't be bothered, so whatever the case I'm hoping someone might notice and support this request. Thanks for reading.

I don't see playback on selection a bug, but either way you can easily change in the settings of your skin, go into music >> playback and switch on 'queue songs on selection'. This as it says will queue songs instead of playback starting immediately.

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