Music New Features/Improvements Request Summary
(2017-02-02, 17:13)unclefester Wrote: Hello!
I've been using Kodi as a hi quality music player (on Raspberry 2 + IQ Audio DAC, OSMC, all flac files and Yatse as remote) in my living room for almost a year now, and I must say it's almost perfect.
Right now I'm testing the new web interface on and from a laptop and it seems really, really fantastic!
Now it's possible to remotely command Kodi very nicely also from a notebook and, what's more important, it's much easier and faster to create playlists, which is not possible to do from Yatse.

The only 2 things I still miss by now are:

- A much requested feature I believe: Artist named by the MusicBrainz fields of SortOrder set. It's really really annoying to find Bob Dylan under "B" instead of "D".
- A great macro category to be put aside of Artist and so on, that uses Year to group the releases: I like to prepare playlist by group of years (i.e. decades and so on) and to make standings with my friends for particular years, and thus such a feature would be very appreciated.

Hello again!

I've got other few points:

- I'm very happy the ArtistSort feature is on the go. Fantastic!
- Unfortunately I noticed that the feature for creating playlists on the web interface is only for local, i.e. the playlist is created only on that notebook/device, and on that browser, but not in the Kodi system being used, for instance in my case: on my Kodi system on my OSMC OS, on my Raspberry Pi2.
The best would be to create playlists that resides on the central system, but graphically on a remote control like Yatse. But to be able to do this, the system needs to have particular API for playlist exposed. Is this API creation programmed in some way in the development of Kodi system? Or is there someone aware of a workaround to get this goal?
- Managing Multi-CD Boxes: when you have a double CD is not a terrible thing to handle... tap play on Yatse, and you listen to the 2 cds one after an other. But if you have a medium-big box, and it is recognized by MusicBrainz (or you register it in MB), like for example "The Island Years" by John Martyn, 17 audio CDs, that are ALMOST perfectly all the releases for Island... OK... it's a complete mess: you can't divide them like the original releases because in the box there is new bonus tracks for each CD, and if you want to listen to only a particular album it's very very difficult to distinguish it in the middle of all these tracks.
Is there something in the way that can help in managing these situations? Or maybe any workaround?

Thanks in advance

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