Music New Features/Improvements Request Summary
(2017-06-02, 13:59)DaveBlake Wrote:
(2017-06-02, 11:54)linesma Wrote: Fix the scraping algorithm to prevent gaps in artist information. Currently, even with proper artist.nfo files and directory structure, artist information for almost a quarter of my library doesn't get scraped. This includes artists that have all their information included in the artist.nfo file.

I would be happy to see this raised as bug/support request on the Music Support forum (rather than languish in features). I am looking at scraper fixes/improvements at the moment for v18. Your library could make good test data if you are willing to upload the MyMusicXX.db file somewhere on the cloud (e.g. dropbox) and PM me a link to download it.

Most likely the issue is the way Kodi detemines a unique common folder for each artist where it expects to find the artist.NFO file. Once you have collaboration albums (more than one album artist), or artists featuring on other albums that are not album artists the algorithm for this breaks down.

I would be happy to help out. I will PM you with a couple of questions to make sure I give you what you need. This has been my biggest complaint/ gripe about Kodi since I started using it back in the "Dharma" days.
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