Music New Features/Improvements Request Summary
Hi there. I moved from jriver MC to Kodi and one feature i really miss is the multiple ways you can add both audio and video to the current queue in JRMC, If you are familiar with JRMC their solution is elegant allowing more queue options than you probably would ever need whilst allowing the last used option to be immediately available. I imagine this would take some doing for Kodi though and no doubt would not be to everyones taste.

Kodi does however currently have the ability to invoke a 'choose menu' as the default select action for video with a 'queue' option available in the 'more' sub menu. I have a large music and music video library and often queue up a mixture of both media types. When scrolling through your collection you frequently just want to hear a song next rather than it being added to the bottom of a sometimes very long current queue. I would therefore really love to see the following 'improvements/features:

Expand /amend the menu invoked in 'media settings/video/default select action/choose' - to include 'queue', 'queue next', 'show info' and 'more'
Either a new setting in 'media settings/music/default select action' for option to choose the same menu as above for audio as well as video (perhaps options for audio could be 'choose' and 'default' (default setting would honour the current setting for music in 'player settings', 'choose' would override it) or add 'choose' as an option for music in 'player settings'

Of course the ability for the user to customise the 'choose' menu would be great and allow for loads more options both for queuing and other actions to be made available in the future. These options could then be added/removed /moved by the user as required to suit there preference . I suspect this would be a big ask though!

Keep up the good work

Many thanks

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