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REQUEST: Hierarchical Genres

I use genres extensively.  I use the Allmusic genres and tag my files manually (long process, I know).  I find these genres to be the most accurate and consistent out there, but there's something like 1200 of them.  They way they structure it (can be seen at is 21 main genres, then each genre has sub-genres, then those subs have styles.  Like so:

- Contemporary Country
- - Contemporary Bluegrass

I would like to select genres in Kodi this way.  The problem is everyone uses just one genre field, so I use that single frame for all of it, comma delimited: "Country,Contemporary Country,Contemporary Bluegrass".  This results in 3 items in the genres list in Kodi and everything behaves properly, it just turns into one huge list.  I would like a feature or an addon that would allow me to expand down to the level of detail I wish - or even just select the top level - and return the files accordingly.

I know not many people put this much attention into genres, but it's great to select something like "Hair Metal" and throw it on random and hear what's expected.

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