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Accessing Language Strings
is there a way to retrieve the language strings from xbmc? what would be nice is to be able to do something like:

Quote:xbmc.getlangstring( 375 )

and have it return the string from the strings.xml file for the language currently used by xbmc.

worst case, i would also settle for a xbmc.getlanguage() function that would return the current language selected and then i can parse the strings.xml file to find the appropriate strings. i think my first suggestion would be better since xbmc must have the file loaded already.

does something like this already exist? i didn't see it in the python_readme.txt file... i'd like to make my scripts language independent if possible.
or you can try to retrieve infos from the save data of xbmc in tdata
just added xbmc.getlocalizedstring to cvs
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