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Thanks guys Smile
New builds to correspond with garbear's new builds. I mistakenly built on latest, but am now building again on the same commit as garbear's. It'll be up in about an hour or so. I'll leave both builds up for now.

Edit: Due to a scripting problem, the last build's zip file title has the old build's commit id. The build is up-to-date but I'm going to remove it so there's no confusion. New build coming soon.
Thanks for keeping up with the builds! Do you have a link that I can stick in the test builds thread?
BTC: 1JtXwJdGdE9YnYgThWBT2StFCU5sEYkbVD (personal), (foundation). Donations in the form of controllers, especially ones that don't work in Kodi, are also appreciated.
The same link as the first post: The direct link to the latest build is
Awesome stuff guys thanks working with the latest Leia git
since kodi leia alpha1 is out now in the repos.
i really like to try the retroplayer.
but i really have no clue what to do with that retroplayer folder.
is there a manual that explain the steps for noob like me?
My builds are extremely outdated. My build machine died and I haven't had time to get them up and running again. But if you want to run it you only need to execute the kodi file in /<yourPath>/retroplayer/bin/.
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