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First wanted to ask here: Anyone else getting segfaults if kodi needs to switch refreshrate before starting an emulator? I don't always get them but can quite reliable make it segfault after a couple of tries. I usually watch my TV at 50 HZ so thats also my refreshrate, most ROM's are running 60 HZ, thats when I get a crash.

I'm on 16.04, Kodi retroplayer beta7 compiled yesterday.

Kodi crashlog:
Any chance you can install gdb and upload another crashlog? The file you've posted doesn'y contain a stack strace which would help to find/fix the issue.
Done looks more complete now. Although my GF just told me that she experienced a crash on starting files too already so it may not be retroplayer related after all.

Maybe it would be better if I open a new thread at the Linux support sub?
Thanks much, I'm able to reproduce this also locally with a similar trace. I think this particular crash is retroplayer specific. I'll point garbear to the trace.
Thanks for checking. Smile
This should fix it: Mind giving it a try?
Just finished building and testing, not a single crash as of yet but plenty of refresh rate changing. I'd say this is fixed. Thanks a lot. Smile
forgive me if this has been addressed ive gone thru the forum and cant seems to find any info, other then the older compiling info .. retroplayer is supppose to be merged yet i cant seem to find it in kodi. i m running ubuntu mate 16/10 w/ kodi 18 alpha 1 nightly 20170120 and cannot find it for the life of me. when i go into the game addons all it has is the ROM collection broswer. any ideas here i can find retroplayer? or do i need to compile it first?
Master doesn't ship with emulators yet (packaging problems), so for now RetroPlayer is hidden in the skin. You can enter the Konami code on a keyboard or controller to show games, but you'll have to compile the emulators yourself or copy them from one of my test builds.
ok thanks garbear. will give that a try. do you have a link to your test builds? im really looking for only 2 emulators at the moment C64 and SNES
Since I discovered that the official Kodi nightlies are lacking, I am resuming Linux test builds of garbear's repo. I will try to keep parity with his releases. Still only for 16.04 Xenial 64-bit. Builds are still in the same location:
My updated build script for anyone wanting to build themselves. Change -j2 to something higher for faster builds if your build machine isn't wimpy like mine.


WORKSPACEDIR=   # use full path. Workspace used for building    Suggested value: $HOME/workspace
BUILDDIR=       # use relative path. This will be in the WORKSPACEDIR   Suggested value: kodibuild
INSTALLDIR=     # use full path. Install directory. Can replace installed Kodi by using /usr/local  Suggested value: $HOME/retroplayer


cmake --build . -- VERBOSE=1 -j2
sudo make install -j2

make -C tools/depends/target/binary-addons PREFIX=$INSTALLDIR ADDONS="peripheral.joystick" -j2
make -C tools/depends/target/binary-addons clean
make -C tools/depends/target/binary-addons PREFIX=$INSTALLDIR ADDONS="game.*" -j2
cp -R $INSTALLDIR/lib/kodi/addons/* $INSTALLDIR/share/kodi/addons
Any ideas of the status of the game addons for kodi 18. I wondered if the addon compatibility was fixed?
Not sure. I'm only building when Garbear releases a new build, so it's been a while since I've attempted it. There are a lot of changes happening in Leia with binary addons and VideoPlayer, so all the Kodi devs have their plates full at the moment. I'm sure the problem will be resolved in the next couple of weeks. That's just speculation, but it looks like things are progressing pretty rapidly in those areas right now.
I think @garbear is still on vacation or otherwise busy with real life.

Binary add-on code is under heavy refactoring right now.
It should stabilize in a few days.
f**k..... started editing without sudo | M.K.

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