Skin MOD - Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes (Jarvis / Krypton) [3.4.70 / 4.9.92-beta10]

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Nekromantik Offline
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Post: #1126
good to see its begun development.
i assume preview wont be out anytime soon?
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Dunjamon Offline
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Post: #1127
(2017-01-02 04:24)hdmkv Wrote:  
(2017-01-01 17:52)hdmkv Wrote:  I'm still using the Jarvis version (as I need SPMC) off the Emby repo... is there a way to disable the AZ splash screen? Thanks.
Answering my own question... just need to edit Startup.xml.

What did you have to change in the file?
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osberg Offline
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Post: #1128
Is there an update on this matter.... really looking forward to see the new skin here... :-)
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assaulter1988 Offline
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Post: #1129
Is there a way to get the widget to look like the one from the original like movies in theaters in a small box in the corner instead of above the section list
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jjscorn Offline
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Post: #1130
I get some dependencies message when i try to install it on SPMC
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lusephur Offline
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Would help if you gave a bit more details other than a vague "dependencies message ... SPMC"

What is the dependency error, and what version of KODI is the version of SMPC you're running on?
This mod, which looks like it's dead BTW, (nothing from GuardianHope in months) will not run on kodi 18 (leia)
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