Favorites from kodi remote
Hi there.
I'm using the kodi remote from joethefox.
Maybe i missed it, but I can't figure out how to acces my favorites from the remote.
To explain further, I need to be able to see favorites in the remote app, since I'm not always in the same room as my tv, but I would like to be able to play my favorites without having to see the tv.
Hope someone can help me.
It's on the TODO list, sky-high
Thanks for the quick reply.
Looking forward to seeing it. Smile
Great app.
I can only confirm the request for having access to the favorites from the iOS remote. I use Kodi most of the time to listen to Radio stations, using the Radio add-on. The "My favourites" folder is perfectly accessible, however after more than 6 clicks, which is somewhat of an annoyance. To be honest, my dream would be to have Kodi to start directly with the last played radio station :-), but this needs additional scripting on the server side. Next best would be to have the "My favourites" folder of the Radio add-on in the top level menu of the remote besides Music, Video,.., third best to put the stations in the Kodi Favorites folder (in the media server) with access from the remote.

Therefore I would really be happy to have access to the favourites folder from the iOS remote.
Got he same annoying workaround to play my common Radio station like you. I found this post for autostart radio. Maybe that helps till favorites are available on remote:
178661 (thread)

Maybe it is easy to write own plugin for each station. So there are just 2 clicks necessary on remote to start. Any idea how to write simple radio stream addon? Or there is already one plugin?
Has there been any update on the favorites access from the remote?
Did this get done and I missed it?
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