Review: Lightpack Clone (90 LED)
Ambilight Clone
Manufacturer: N/A
LEDs (per strip): 9
LEDs (total): 90
Zones: 10
Processor: Arduino Uno
Model Name: "Ambilight" <- yes, they just took the trademarked name
Replacement for: Lightpack 30 LED
Custom build: No
A picture of the clone:

Television Information
Manufacturer: LG
Diagonal Size (inches or CM): 55"
Aspect Ratio (16:9 is the standard): 16:9

The packaging is basic, a simple brown box with a sticker. The item itself has the LED wires already connected (they cannot be removed) in a ribbon - you can tear the ribbon to adjust the length and keep the cabling tidy. The LED strips are flat, approximately 0.5cm containing 9 LEDs spaced around 1cm apart. The backside of the strips has 3M tape - it took around 20 minutes to set the item up, with:
- Four strips at the top (36 LEDs)
- Two strips on each side (18 LEDs per side)
- Two strips on the bottom, aligned to the sides (18 in total)

Set-up 'A' is what I've gone for:


I chose Ambibox software and configured the zones to match where the strips were placed.

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro
Back-end software: Ambibox
Software Link (URL):

Kodi Add-ons, Integration, and Performance
Add-on(s) used: Ambibox for Kodi (Windows only) with the KodiDirect plugin
Link to Add-on:
Recommended Add-on Settings: I let the add-on apply optimisation
Performance: 4/5
Note: Ambibox has a fantastic plugin for Kodi which reduces lag and increases frame rate - it's very impressive. However, it's for Windows only.

Order Details
Store: KSM Top (eBay)
Cost (GBP, EUR, USD): £60
Delivery Information: From Ukraine, took around 10 days to arrive. Cleared customs without taxes.
Customs Tax: No
Notes: Incorrect UK included, EU plug is fine as I plan to order another and use this one in Austria.

I will add some higher quality images, these were taken quickly with my phone

Image Image

Image Image

Image Image

Image Image


I spent over two weeks looking for an alternative to the Lightpack. I decided not to purchase another unit as Ambibox doesn't support two, so I needed to find something with a minimum of 60 LEDs. I found a dubious looking clone with 90 LEDs and decided to give it a go. So far, I'm impressed with the results. There are no longer any gaps around the top, sides and left/right bottom. I have tested ~20 videos so far, including Avatar, Kick-Ass, Warehouse 13, and many custom RGB sequence videos from YouTube.

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I've added some photos, sorry about the quality. I do plan on taking a video and adding higher quality photos in time.
Please read the online manual (wiki) & FAQ (wiki) before posting.

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Thanks for the review, I never knew these clones existed.
Are there any idiot guides on how to set these up. Would you need any additional hardware? Also when it states works with Windows only... Is that to just set it up or do you need a pc running all the time for it to work?
Thanks for the review, did not know these existed. How did you find out about them if I may ask? I'm looking for something similar but one that works with HDMI in/out and doesn't need an extra pc or cpu to work.
@MrCrispy dreamscreen kickstarer just ended. That had hdmi without an additional component. Only other thing I can think of is the lightberry
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Hi, any chance you have some pictures or a video of this running pushed up close against a wall?

I'm looking at buying the same item with 90 LED's. I have a 50" TV but it's wall mounted and i'm worried that 30 LED lightpacks won't be enough. Hoping these 90 LED clone ones will be enough to do it though.
Could it work with the xiaomi mibox?
Anyone know if this works with DSPlayer?
(2017-01-08, 20:27)dcdead Wrote: Anyone know if this works with DSPlayer?

Grabbing video in windows is troublesome - it depends on how the program renders (DX, OGL etc) if it works well. Most likely the kodi ambilight addon will only work with videos, so no ights in menus, visualisations etc.

If you use windows and want to reliably capture outside of kodi I recommend a LightBerry, which grabs its video directly from the HDMI cable, which doesnt effect windows performance and will work with everything. Downside is that it needs a computer to process the images (not sure if there is a windows server available, I just use a rpi which can drive the LEDs aswell) and configuring the grabber can be fiddly (cropping images, tweaking colours), but in saying that, makes it a lot easier.

I bought this exact clone after I saw your review, yet I can't get it to work on Kodi. I tried Ambibox, it's working fine with VLC or MPH-HC, but not on Kodi. When I change the preset to Kodi/XBMC in the Ambibox software, I can barely see the lights, they shine but not bright at all. I think I'm missing the KodiDirect plugin, where can I get it?

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