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Beta Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton)
Having trouble with Widgets, Have ones for movies set to Recently Added and they work fine
Have TV Shows set to Next episode but the widgets never populate
If I change to recently added or any other option it works fine
Anyone have any ideas for a fix?
(2017-12-29, 02:18)Glyde62 Wrote: Having trouble with Widgets, Have ones for movies set to Recently Added and they work fine
Have TV Shows set to Next episode but the widgets never populate
If I change to recently added or any other option it works fine
Anyone have any ideas for a fix?
 is trakt set up?  I believe the next episodes widget may rely on it.
(2017-12-29, 05:13)disaacso Wrote:
(2017-12-29, 02:18)Glyde62 Wrote: Having trouble with Widgets, Have ones for movies set to Recently Added and they work fine
Have TV Shows set to Next episode but the widgets never populate
If I change to recently added or any other option it works fine
Anyone have any ideas for a fix?
 is trakt set up?  I believe the next episodes widget may rely on it. 
Yes Trakt is set up, I use Emby server , Don't know if that changes anything
Has always worked before
(2017-11-05, 23:32)browned Wrote:
(2017-11-04, 00:49)cezare Wrote:
(2017-10-30, 22:07)browned Wrote: I use Emby Server and the Emby plugin with Kodi, Libraries in Emby are pulled to Kodi and each Library can be setup as a home screen menu item. Images, thumbnails, and backgrounds are normally pulled from the Emby server and displayed for the correct library so if I select Kids Movies I get a thumbnail for a kids movie, the movie logo on the background and a background image from that movie. At the moment the images and thumbnails and logos are mixed between the libraries.

Is the Emby plugin something you installed on Kodi or Emby side?
Do you also use the "Smart Shortcuts" for your Emby folder?


Yes using smart shortcuts and Titan by default setups the images and thumbnails.
My Kodi\Emby\Titan setup looks like this Imgur Album 
I am using Emby server on Kodi on a raspi. I have the usual movies and tvshows which look ok on raspi running the Confluence skin but I also have a mixed folder of kids movies, talks etc in separate folders  that display as a combined list. If I view the library using an Emby client on a separate linux laptop the mixed folder is displayed nicely as separate folders.  How can I get the same result on the raspi ?
In the windows 10 homescreen view I was wondering if there was a way to keep the main menu visible when scrolling to select submenu items instead of this being hidden automatically?
Next question is about weather.  In other skins I've used, the weather widget displays details including temp. precipitation, etc.   In Titan, all I see is default weather icons.   Anyone to change configuration to show more details within the widget?
Don't seem to have the option to choose Media Codex icons
Nothing hereto choose.........Skin Settings->[font]Media[/font] Library Views->Style for [font]Media[/font]
Widget Bug Report. Titan BETA 3.7.65

BUG: "Default number of items to show in widget" setting doesn't work for the recently added movies or recent recordings widgets. It does work for the recently added TV Shows widget. Bug should be fixable since both Estuary and Mimic skins are able to limit the number of items in those widgets, thus greatly reducing widget load time.

BUG: An additional clock & date appear center top resulting in 2 clocks in the header when the Netflix Style Homemenu Layout 1 is chosen. Bug is not present in Layout 2. 
EDIT: The setting "Use large mainmenu style" is the culprit. Bug exists only if that setting is enabled. 

RFE: Landscape/Poster Details widget layouts are very useful when the spotlight is disabled. A Landscape Large Details layout option would be nice and provide a little more vertical space for the details along with the larger picture.

Thanks for your work.
Hi I just upgraded to kodi v17.6 

I cant seem to custom color settings to work in Titan. When I click on the colors nothing happens. Any advice? 

I tried removing the skin and skin helper service and re-installing but nothing changed.

I remember I had this issue early days that related to skin helper service. Any advice would be great
Discovered if I change theme to Skin Default you can choose how codex look
Any other theme that option isn't shown
Problem is I like Classic theme but the codec icons appear as a jumbled white mess

Discovered there are 2 places to choose media Codex style

One in Media Library Views and another in Playback & OSD
Can only have one chosen for them to display properly
I have the one in Playback and OSD disabled and now they show
properly, Except in Classic theme... Cant get them  displayed in that Theme for some reason
First of all, thanks a million for your great work ! Rofl

However i noticed one bug:

When "Netflix view" and "auto show trailer" are enabled if i launch the movie while trailer is playing: kodi crashs and i get "kodi stopped working" error, but if i launch the movie before the trailer starts it works (you have to be quick) xD !
I have exactly the same issue on latest beta and stable version.

I'm using Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2017 and Kodi 17.6
Hello Guys,

i would also like to Thank you for your great Work.
Finally all Updates incl. the new Skinshortcut´s works.

I used Emby Server on my Synology Nas and Emby for Kodi on my Raspberry 3 with Stretch.
After every reboot or restarting Kodi i have the following syslog entry with some "warnings and error."

But I do not know if these are really Errors/Bugs and not how can I fix this.
So i need some Help or more Info from you.


17:21:19.423 T:1437266688  NOTICE: EMBY.downloadutils -> DEBUG:: ====== 200 Success ======
17:21:19.424 T:1437266688  NOTICE: EMBY.downloadutils -> DEBUG:: Response: {u'RetentionDateTime': u'1900-01-01T00:00:00Z', u'ServerDateTime': u'2018-01-13T16:21:30Z'}
17:21:19.426 T:1437266688  NOTICE: EMBY.librarysync -> New sync time: server time -2 min: 2018-01-13T16:19:30Z
17:21:19.447 T:1437266688  NOTICE: EMBY.librarysync -> Updating video library.
17:21:19.598 T:1591534336  NOTICE: VideoInfoScanner: Starting scan ..
17:21:19.627 T:1591534336  NOTICE: VideoInfoScanner: Finished scan. Scanning for video info took 00:00
17:21:19.735 T:1629610752  NOTICE: EMBY.kodimonitor -> DEBUG:: Kodi library scan video running
17:21:19.737 T:1629610752  NOTICE: EMBY.kodimonitor -> Method: VideoLibrary.OnScanStarted Data: null
17:21:19.739 T:1629610752  NOTICE: EMBY.kodimonitor -> Kodi library scan video finished
17:21:19.740 T:1629610752  NOTICE: EMBY.kodimonitor -> Method: VideoLibrary.OnScanFinished Data: null
17:22:57.255 T:1629610752  NOTICE: EMBY.kodimonitor -> Method: GUI.OnScreensaverActivated Data: null

17:22:57.464 T:1480778496 WARNING: CSkinInfo: failed to load skin settings

17:23:52.268 T:1591534336  NOTICE: EMBY.default -> plugin.video.emby started
17:23:52.269 T:1591534336  NOTICE: EMBY.default -> Parameter string: ?limit=25&id=madm4x+tv+media+tower&mode=nextup params: {'limit': ['25'], 'id': ['madm4x tv media tower'], 'mode': ['nextup']}
17:23:53.080 T:1591534336  NOTICE: EMBY.default -> plugin.video.emby stopped

17:23:53.469 T:1591534336 WARNING: CPythonInvoker(11, /home/pi/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/default.py): the python script "/home/pi/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.emby/default.py" has left several classes in memory that we couldn't clean up. The classes include: N9XBMCAddon9xbmcaddon5AddonE

17:23:56.332 T:1454043904   ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting library://video/emby_favorite movies.xml
17:23:56.337 T:1454043904   ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting library://video/emby_favorite tvshows.xml
17:23:56.341 T:1454043904   ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting library://video/emby_favorite episodes.xml

17:24:02.898 T:1591534336  NOTICE: EMBY.default -> plugin.video.emby started
17:24:02.898 T:1591534336  NOTICE: EMBY.default -> Parameter string: ?id=0&mode=channels params: {'id': ['0'], 'mode': ['channels']}
17:24:02.929 T:1591534336  NOTICE: EMBY.artwork -> DEBUG:: image cache thread count: 25
17:24:02.932 T:1591534336  NOTICE: EMBY.downloadutils -> DEBUG:: ===== ENTER downloadUrl =====

Nice Weekend and best Regards from Germany
Hi Marcel,

I played a little bit around with the custom widget. It workrd so far but I've problems with some property.ListItems.

I used the custom widget as follow:

most works out of the box but looks like not all property.ListItems are available.

elif methode == 'get_item_serienplaner':
    sp_items = refreshWidget()
    writeLog('spitems %s' % (sp_items), level=xbmc.LOGDEBUG)
    writeLog('SerienPlaner sysargv: '+str(sys.argv), level=xbmc.LOGDEBUG)
    url = '-'
    for sitem in sp_items:
        li = xbmcgui.ListItem(label2=sitem['Channel'], label=sitem['Title'], thumbnailImage=sitem['Thumb'])
        li.setProperty("channel", sitem['Channel'])
        li.setArt({'poster': sitem['Poster'], 'fanart': sitem['Fanart'], 'clearlogo' : sitem['Clearlogo']})
        li.setInfo('video', {'mediatype' : "episode", 'Season' : sitem['Staffel'], 'Episode' : sitem['Episode'], 'Title' : sitem['Title'],
                             'Genre' : sitem['Genre'], 'mpaa' : sitem['Altersfreigabe'], 'year' : sitem['Jahr'], 'plot' : sitem['Description'],
                             'rating' : sitem['Rating'], 'studio' : sitem['Studio'], 'TvShowTitle' : sitem['TVShow'],  'duration' : int(sitem['RunningTime'])*60,
                             'StartTime' : sitem['Starttime']})
        li.setProperty("senderlogo", sitem['Logo'])
        li.setProperty("Starttime", sitem['Starttime'])
        li.setProperty("Datum", sitem['Datum'])
        li.setProperty("Duration", sitem['RunningTime'])
        li.setProperty("PVRID", sitem['PVRID'])
        li.setProperty("status", sitem['Status'])
        li.setProperty('DateTime', '%s %s' % (sitem['Datum'], sitem['Starttime']))
        li.setProperty('recordtime', sitem['_Starttime'])
        li.setProperty("recordname", '%s.S%sE%s.%s' % (sitem['TVShow'], sitem['Staffel'], sitem['Episode'], sitem['Title']))
        li.setProperty("DBType", '%s' % ("serienplaner"))

        xbmcplugin.addDirectoryItem(handle=addon_handle, url=url, listitem=li)

I've my own little Plugin which shows me the next epidode on PVR for series I've in library.
It's like nextaired but for German Broadcast or like the GTO service you are provided in your skin
Board: B85M-ITX
CPU: i3 4330
GPU: Geforce GTX 750ti
(2018-01-13, 23:51)sveni_lee Wrote: Hi Marcel, [...]

Marcel wasn't here since 2017-11-30, 23:27  Confused  good, that the titan skin work very well on Kodi 17 on my installations. but unfortunately the skin for kodi 18 not..
hope he is doing well and get back when he find the time Music
Unraid: Asus Z97Extreme4 / Xeon E3-1231 3,4 GHZ / 32GB RAM / 17TB HDD / Cine TV C2/T2 DuoFlex / EasyMouse2 / Docker: EmbyServer, TVheadend, OSCam, OpenVPN-AS
3 Rooms: NVidia Shield 2017 / Kodi 18 | Kitchen: 5i3RYK / 4GB RAM / Win10 / Emby
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