Alpha - Amazon Echo(Alexa) Skill and Kodi Addon

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(Today 03:28)DonBrutto Wrote:  
(Today 03:21)kohr Wrote:  Hi fellas, I set this up months ago and all has been awesome. I'm using AWS.

My power however went out tonight, and everything is now screwed up on my network, every IP has changed. I cannot for the life of me remember how to fix things so it'll use the new ip address. I'm using linux, can someone please refresh my memory as to what commands I need to run to push the new ip address to AWS?

Forget this method. This one works flawlessly...

Do yourself a favor and set up static ip's in your router this time.

Assuming you do yourself the favour, make sure you back up your router settings, then you should be power fail proof :-)
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