v15 How to scrape movies in split VDR files? (001.vdr, 002.vdr, etc.)

I have Kodi 15.2 frontends on various devices (with Tvheadend as one backend serving all). Before, I had used VDR (on a modded Siemens Gigaset M740 DVB-T box) as backend and thus have several movies archived on my NAS (Synology ds214se) in the following folder/file structure:


All movies with a file size >2 GB appear as split "001.vdr", "002.vdr" files and only as one "001.vdr" file if <2 GB. The "index.vdr" file has to do with the rewind/fast-forward functionality and that works flawlessly even in case of split movies (i.e. there is no gap/interrupt). I did not even have to concatenate the split files in order to watch the complete movie. The "info.vdr" file contains information on the movie in plain text and comes from the original VDR backend as well.

Now how do I achieve proper scraping of such (archived) movies, e.g. with the Universal Scraper? I understand that I could get rid of the "index.vdr" and "info.vdr" files (if these files disturbed the scraper), because I do not need them anymore.

For proper scraping results:
1. (How) do I have to adjust the folder/file structure?
2. Do I have to concatenate split movies ("001.vdr", "002.vdr") to one (e.g. "new.vdr") file?
3. Do I have to adjust the "advancedsettings.xml" file? (e.g. using stacking? or something else?)

Thanks a lot for your help.
The problem is resolved for me, i.e. the scraper now works even for split movies (I had set it up wrongly). Since I do not expect any further benefit from my initial post/question for others, this thread may be closed.
Take a look at the vdr-convert tool at https://projects.vdr-developer.org/proje...nvert/wiki
This will properly convert / compress your old VDR recordings with all streams for playing by Kodi or other media players as a standard mpegts

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How to scrape movies in split VDR files? (001.vdr, 002.vdr, etc.)0
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