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tinyMediaManager - additional information thread
This thread contains a collection of additional information about tinyMediaManager

latest stable build
other builds

Command line arguments
tinyMediaManager can be started from the command line / by external tools for batch processing. The command line reference docs are available at GitHub

Our wiki is hosted at GitHub

There is also a FAQ inside our wiki

Scraper development
As of version 2.7 we provide an API for external developers to create third party scrapers. The API is located at GitHub
Similar to Firefox, we are building a 3-tier release strategy (nightly, prerelease, release) for tinyMediaManager now. Its goal is to find/fix bugs, before they hit the public.
While nightly builds are not stable enough to be used in a productive environment, the release is too late to test. This is, why we now introduce a new build, which is called the prerelease build. It is built a few days before we publish a new version and is rather stable.

you can find actual builds for the differents tiers in

To use another tier, it is recommended to "install" it to a separate folder.
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