ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
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Yes agreed with everything written. Its taken about a year to finally have me satisfied that the old C1+ is at a stage with OpenELEC that I'm 95% happy. The very recent GPU drivers fix was a very welcome and long overdue patch for all S8XX AML OE platforms to fix the Kodi GUI tearing.

For AML platforms that have integrated WiFi, BT and IR and are primarily used as Android devices like the WeTek Core an old Linux Kernel does not present much of a problem. But once you start selling a device like a C2 as a Linux development board, yep an old Kernel will become a issue down the track. This is squarely AMLogic fault I believe as it looks like they release a combined Android / Linux Kernel to every AML developer (Codesnake please correct anything here)

Back to the C2 Kernel, I found this topic of conversation very interesting regarding AMLogic Kernels vs the RPi2:
Popcornmix may want to chime in.


crashoverride Wrote:
rooted Wrote:I don't know of any Arm device other than Raspberry running a 4.y.y based kernel.
That actually made me stop and think for a bit about how the Raspberry Pi runs 4.x.y ...

The RPi is actually a VideoCore 4 processor with an ARM co-processor. The VC4 part runs a closed source OS (TreadX, IIRC) that controls the board and then enables the ARM co-processor after booting. The ARM co-processor passes messages back and forth through a mailbox to the VC4 OS. Since the ARM part is just a co-processor, its far more trivial to port newer kernels to it.

With that in mind, we should be able to do the exact same "trick" on Odroid C2. We can boot the board with a XEN hypervisor and run a hardware accelerated VM with a mainline Linux kernel.

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