ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
Yes Android Lollipop + WeTek mediaplayer is not bad at all so long as you do not watch Interlaced mpeg2/h264 TV Broadcasts.

amcodec is partially broken. Refresh switching enabled. Try playing 29.97 mpeg2 with amcodec on Android and you will end up with a blank screen. Same with 23.976fps H264/HEVC. The usual S8xx video display modes amcodec uses in Kodi have changed with the AML S905's Kernel. (Damn you AMlogic !)

disable amcodec and use Android mediacodec and life is a lot better. No black screens when refresh switching but Interlaced content reverts to inferior software deinterlacing. Which is fine if you don't watch TV.

eMMC 5.0 and the GigaE on the C2 are nice and nippy indeed Smile

I do know what needs fixing with amcodec, its all a matter of free time available...

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