ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
Have tried out the new C2 LibreElec build. Some big advances. Major progress.

The CEC integration is very good (with AVR control and remote source switching, power on/off commands etc.) As good as the RPi implementation now I'd say.

Drivers for the onboard IR receiver are implemented and by default it is configured for the Hardkernel IR remote. It's a bit sluggish though.

The frame rate switching and 2160/50p and 59.94p support is good, allowing me to play 2160/59.94p HEVC content, and 2160/50p HEVC content at 2160p. (Downscaling to 1080p causes judder)

Upscaling 576/50i and 1080/50i content to 2160/50p is not handled correctly. It appears to be deinterlaced to 25p not 50p (there isn't combing but the motion is 1x not 2x) Switching to 1080/50p output solves that, but it means you can't run at a fixed output resolution. (Maybe fritsch's 'only switch to 2160p for 2160p content' logic might be useful unless this is a quick fix?)

SD H264 576/50i 16:9 Live TV content appears not to be properly scaled to 16:9 and is squashed (pillar boxed as if it is 1:1 aspect ratio pixels displayed in a 1204x576 canvas?(. SD MPEG2 576/50i 16:9 Live TV initially looks the same but quickly (within a few frames) switches to the correct aspect ratio.

No Passthrough audio yet, so stuck at PCM 2.0.

GUI is rendered fluidly.
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