ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
Your wealth of TV and video standard knowledge blows us away Noggin !
It is good when trying to bug bust new Hardware and massage it all into decent shape.

(2016-04-15, 20:02)noggin Wrote: SD H264 576/50i 16:9 Live TV content appears not to be properly scaled to 16:9 and is squashed (pillar boxed as if it is 1:1 aspect ratio pixels displayed in a 1204x576 canvas?(. SD MPEG2 576/50i 16:9 Live TV initially looks the same but quickly (within a few frames) switches to the correct aspect ratio.
I've actually noticed this on all my AML devices with one particular H264 576/50i TV channel I watch.
I use the video setting in Kodi to fix it:
Settings > Video > Playback > Display 4:3 Video as Stretch 16:9

At the moment the preferred Mode 1 Policy for Frame Rate Automation (fractional video output modes 23.976/29.97/59.94) when combined with refresh switching is broken. Result is a black screen. The S8xx Kernel was actually patched by Codesnake to fix this issues in the S8xx SoC's. See here:

Its yet to be patched for the S905. So I'm using Mode 2, seen here:
Someone like MrMC or Fritsch would have the Skills I would think as well, I don't understand the code well enough.

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