ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
Thats good news Noggin, particularly for AAC 5.1 transcoding. Smile
I may even have to finally go out and buy a Wireless Audio system for my apartment if this is the case.

I've been doing some you know, actual viewing of old Interlaced DVD ISO's I had forgotten about in the drawer.
Targa Tasmania 2004, the year the WRX STi beat the expensive Exotic Euros in a open road car Race around the beautiful little Island where I was born.

Conclusion: YADIF 2x deinterlacing really is excellent for fast action 25fps 720x576i sports viewing. In fact quality is virtually indistinguishable from the excellent Hardware deinterlacing on the AML S905.

Also surprising was regular HSBS & HOU 3D (half res.) was being output correctly, even though the 3D option would not compile properly in the Kernel when that was selected in the config.

I'm also seeing one H264 720x576 TV channel here, squashed Horizontally. I set that for Stretch 16:9 in the Video OSD settings, and Kodi remembers that even after a Reboot. Set and forget. I remember adding a patch for saving Kodi settings properly recently.

Busy this week tidying up all the numerous patches on patches on patches into something legible for GitHub distribution.

@ Dukester, all 23.976/29.97/59.94fps video, refresh switches and is output properly synced with the TV. It all looks smooth to me.
No ~41 second video Frame hiccup when 23.976fps video is output at 24Hz only, due to Frame Rate Automation working properly in the C2 Kernel Smile

Packing quite a punch this little C2 beastie, particularily with a eMMC 5.0 Flash Module. !

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