ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
(2016-05-02, 14:14)noggin Wrote:
(2016-05-02, 12:27)Vimes Wrote: @noggin did you buy the C2 direct from the dealer to get it at a favourable price or, from what it seems, the only one UK supplier who has it in stock at around £50 UK Pounds....?

If you got it direct did you get hit by customs charges...?

Thanks, it seems impressive enough now, with the great Dev work, to consider over a second Pi 3 - although the Pi 3's support is quite amazing, even if the hardware is a little lacking in comparison.

I bought it from LIYMO / Lilliput Direct. Once you've paid for shipping and VAT (and the additional charges levied to pay the VAT) I'm not sure there's much point ordering direct from Hardkernel, and the delivery takes a lot longer from Korea. I quite like supporting UK dealers, as I like having local people you can talk to, and am happy to pay a bit extra for good service. (The guys at Lilliput Direct are great and answer emails promptly) On devices as cheap as the Raspberry Pi and the ODroid I don't hugely mind paying a bit extra.

I always expect to pay VAT on imported goods (though I'm not sure I get asked to pay duty that often) - never understand why people get miffed at paying them. I suspect it is because they aren't included in the sale price on the website. I always mentally factor in a 20%+ addition on anything I import from outside the EU (with a bit more as you usually get stung for the pleasure of paying VAT from some couriers).

I'm glad that you named the company as I had temporarily lost that.

As it seems close to the Wektek Hub being released, although more than the cost of the C2 I imagine, it will be good to see what that brings as a player. Their support is proving to be pretty impressive.

The C2 is showing itself, with the good support it has been given, to be quite a capable player.

Thanks for your reply Smile
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