ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
Summing it up:
  • Hardware decoding and deinterlacing of virtually all video content, except Interlaced DVD ISO Rips containing the mpeg2 .vob combo.
  • mpeg2 DVD's use Software decoding and YADIF 2x deinterlacing for excellent results. Virtually indistinguishable from the excellent AML Hardware deinterlacing.
  • VC-1 content playback still has some minor stuttering issues on AML S905's
  • No HiP10 Anime or 4K HDR decoding either.
  • as AML S8xx/S9xx's use Hardware deinterlacing for almost everything, you don't get a Kodi GUI slowdown as you are not robbing CPU/GPU cycles to actually do the deinterlacing. Try pulling up an EPG on an RPi2 and you will see what I mean.
  • The main Audio limitation is 7.1 DTS-HD MA/HRA, only the 5.1 DTS Core will be bitstreamed (probably will be fixed going forward)
  • DD+ / EAC3 will be output as PCM 2.0

A dynamically updated blog of features and development is kept in Post #2 of this thread.

This is now my main viewing platform for Kodi and Broadcast TV. For my uses pretty much everything "Just Works"
The AML Edge Enhanced Motion Adaptive Hardware deinterlacing is really nice for watching fast action sports like Aussie Rules Footy !
(fastest, most skillful and brutal game in the world BTW !) Shocked

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