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(2016-05-05, 18:38)discovery Wrote: Can someone post the current limitations of Android version running on C2? Is there a feedback?
Major Limitations are you cannot leave amcodec and mediacodec Hardware acceleration on with Kodi dynamic refresh switching Enabled as well and expect trouble free video playback. You will end up with black screens for 23.976/29.97/59.94fps video.
The Linux Kernel that Android for the C2 is built on has not got the necessary patches to fix this YET. Workaround is to disable Kodi dynamic refresh rate switching and run everything at 1080p60Hz.

Or you can just disable amcodec and video playback is then fine with mediacodec and refresh switching works. BUT you loose Hardware deinterlacing for TV viewing purposes.

5.1 AC3 / DTS Audio passthrough needs command line fiddling and workarounds as well. HD Audio passthrough does not work at all. Interlaced DVD video playback will be broken.

Basically Android needs a bunch of work done to the Kernel and a custom version of Android Kodi to bring it up to speed. If you don't need 5.1 or greater Audio and do not need deinterlacing, then it will be fine when using Android mediacodec hardware acceleration.

The problems I mentioned will be the same for virtually all cheap AML S905 devices being pumped out of Asia when running Android Kodi.
At least I know how to fix (most) of them Wink

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