ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
(2016-05-13, 10:12)sw4y Wrote: any news on nightlies?
Yes, most likely the last major Jarvis update as Krypton development is now underway.

- A new AML Hybrid HDMI CEC driver from gdachs and Raybuntu. Better compatibility with a number of problematic TV's, like LG and other HDMI CEC hardware.
You can also turn off LibCEC completely in Kodi and revert back to AMLogic's CEC implementation which emulates a keyboard.
Really excellent work from these two LibreELEC guys !!!!

- Been Cherry picking Koying's GitHub for a nice patch to speedup thumbnail loading when scrolling through long file lists (works well).

- Tweaked the Hardkernel IR remote control for better functionality and usability.

- Backported an important PVR EPG Search fix from Krypton that has been broken in Jarvis for a while.

- Compiled and plugged in the 64bit LE Addons Repository

- Patched Hyperion and Boblight and activated the Kernel amvideocap for those DIY Kodi users that like a bit of Flashy Bling. Wink

- Went spelunking inside the AML S905 Audio drivers and came up empty handed Sad

- Drank quite a bit of Beer whilst yelling at the TV, watching my team play Aussie Rules Footy ! (C'mon the Hawks)Tongue


In regards to video and picture quality. I would say its excellent. No washed out colors, everything is sharp, scaling is good.
There really is virtually nothing to configure and tweak with AML devices as everything is done in the GPU/VPU. The only adjustments I can find are brightness and contrast when playing DVD's and Software decoding.

I hoping AMLogic themselves bring out a Kernel patch for proper 10bit video output. Kodi has nothing to do with this as AMLogic devices do bypass video rendering.
No idea if 3D MVC will ever make it to AML devices, DTS-HD will likely get fixed I hope as I know it works when running Android Lollipop on other manufacturers S905's. Its not a Hardware or Licensing issue.

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