ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
(2016-05-30, 01:39)infinity85 Wrote:
(2016-05-30, 01:09)noggin Wrote:
(2016-05-30, 01:02)infinity85 Wrote: As I also tested a regular H-SBS mkv 3d (non MVC) and it did not switch my tv automatically to 3D as expected from my Raspberry Pi2, I think that there is just somewhere a bug in this Kodi build.
I wouldn't expect a C2 to switch a TV to H-SBS mode when playing H-SBS content - though it may have the ability to send the required data over HDMI it may not.

AIUI the Pi can be persuaded to output H-SBS as Frame Packed (with the Pi doing the 2:1 stretch for each eye feed rather than the TV) - and that will definitely trigger 3D.

hmmm.. I think I don't understand this completely with the 2:1 stretch. If I don't set the header to 1 (SBS) or 3 (TAB) the pi simply outputs the regular 2 eyed picture as a 2D. So both eyes side by side. That is not a strech of 2:1 correct? So how could I imagine the 2:1 stretch that you mentioned?

There are three ways to output HSBS 1080p (which is two 1920x1080 eye feeds 2:1 compressed to 960x1080 and put next to each other in a single 1920x1080 frame) over HDMI :

1. Output HSBS as if it is 2D 1920x1080. Don't do anything out of the ordinary. As far as the TV is concerned it is receiving a normal 2D image until you press the 3D button and select an SBS mode.

2. Output HSBS as a 1920x1080 video as above - but set a flag in one of the HDMI data packets that signals that the video signal contains HSBS content triggering the TV to automatically go into SBS mode.

3. Convert HSBS to a 1920x1080 3D Frame Packed output (in reality this is 1920x2205 video signal with two 1920x1080 eye feeds separated by 45 lines of blanking) The Pi is doing the 2:1 stretch to convert each 960x1080 eye feed to 1920x1080 before outputting (rather than leaving the TV to do it) This is - I think - what one of the 3D options does.

I suspect the ODroid is currently doing 1? but the Pi does 2 and/or 3?

Quote:Generally: It would be a real pity for this device if it could not trigger 3D on the TV. It can do almost everything now... I'm wondering what the Pi does over HDMI to trigger 3D on my TV. As it can also do HDMI CEC (which is not responsible for the automatic 3D switch, though) and so on, I thought there should be a quite complete featureset regarding HDMI compatibility :/

The Pi platform seems to 'do' 3D a bit better. It has Frame Packed output and seems more 'aware' of some aspects of HDMI as a result? Or maybe the C2 devs just haven't got there yet. (Though I think Frame Packed output may be a lost cause?)
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