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(2016-05-29, 21:29)Pienoet Wrote:
(2016-05-28, 03:33)MidnightWatcher Wrote: Has anyone else noticed that videos often start playback around the 7 second mark instead of the very beginning of the video? Large or small, doesn't matter. Any ideas what could be causing this?

I just noticed that too same with Live TV but i think it is the refrefreshrate switch on the C2 is slow compare too my rpi 3.
(2016-05-29, 21:47)wrxtasy Wrote: @Pienoet, I don't now what is going on with MidnightWatchers setup. The exact same files tested on my system start virtually instantaneously. Unable to reproduce his issue with the .mov files.
Even when disabling refresh rate switching the same still happens on my setup - playback often begins or plays "catch up" and sputters to then play normally around the 7 second mark. Tried files directly from the eMMC and from the attached USB HDD, same issue happens.

wrxtasy, what buffermode, cachemembuffersize and readbufferfactor settings are you using in advancedsettings.xml?

I also have another question. I've been noticing the occasional stutter or what appears to be a frame skipping from time to time. If I remember correctly I read elsewhere that the C2 is doing true 23.976 fps playback, even though the TV/projector may report 24.00. If that is the case, could what I'm seeing be somehow similar to or related to the issue described here in the link below?

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