ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
my Kodi is running on my outdated Asrock Ion since 2010, meanwhile RPi & co. are faster, so I am slowly thinking about moving to such a device. Instead of the RPi3 the Odroid C2 looks very interesting to me. Not much more expensive but nicer hardware. However the question of software support comes to my mind. Thanks to wrxtasy there seems to be a proper version of LibreELEC now, but it looks like this depends (at least currently) on one single person. So if he stops developing or moves to the successor of the C2, there might not be any updated Kodi versions, as they have to be built into the OS, right?
My gut fealing is that the RPi has a bigger community and a higher chance of long-term support from OpenELEC or similar. Am I seeing things too negative or could it realistically happen that e.g. in 2 years after Kodi v19 I would be stuck and not receive any further updates? Software support would currently be the only reason why probably rather buying a RPi3.
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