ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
Hello Guys,
first of all - wrxtasy and all other ppl who are working on this - a realy big thx and huge respect ! you do a realy awesome job !

ok now to my "Problem"
i get yesterday my Odroid C2 device - because of some money problems i can just test it with a SD-Card (Toshiba Exceria M301-EC UHS)
libreelec work like a charm, and my first tests with some x265 files and some normal SBS movies are running realy fine - the CPU and Ram power seems realy great too compared to my Pi2
but it seems this sdcard is my ugly "bottleneck" - when i navigate through my movies/tvshow the fanarts ( poster, backrounds etc ) are popping up reeeeealy slow and laggy
ok, when i make a speedtest here on my windows pc and CrystalDiskMark i get a read speed with around 35MB ( lol ) and writing speed of around 13mb ( mega lol ) - navigation is almost the same like with the pi2 ... but the c2 should me much faster ( 2gb ram and 2ghz quadcore ) ... so i think this sdcard option is just temporary ! and i realy need a emmc card !

ok, now my wish that maybe someone can help me with here - i want to use the skin MADNOX on it ( its running but realy slow atm ... i think/hope because of the sd card ! )
so maybe someone here with some time left could maybe test the madnox skin on his C2 with a ( at least the 16gb ) emmc card and tell me if the navigation with the emmc is smoother ? right now the posters or banners are realy laggy and slow
if its the same with an emmc card ( slow and laggy ) i can save my money for a emmc

if there is someone out there who can help me with this - would be realy nice and cool and big thx in advance
maybe he can contact me over pm or so with results or so

here is the link to madnox: MADNOX SKIN

greets from germany
HW: I5, AMD A6, Odroid C2 OS:Win10 & LibreElec Kodi:latest 16.x & 17.x Skin: MADNOX

M A D N O X - incl "HOW TO - SETUP TRICKS..." on first page !!!
Extra GFX Stuff for AeonNox Mods
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